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Virtual Reality

Discussing the Future Implications of Data and Privacy within the #Technology sector

  This week we are Live from @Official_GDC we get together with @kunzeFilms @JoesaphineMunis @VirtuallyFifer @unity3d @WorkSalt @CandyLabTweets @OneBadAssMarketer and @TaddyJordian to discuss the future impact of #Data and #Privacy. Should #Developers be thinking about the Implications of how this data could be used and the long term impacts on how this could effect society as a whole #VR #AR  The Digital Jam Sessions cover a combination of different industries and expertise to create unique discussions, views and collaborations that create a new “digital melting pot” of diverse flavoursome topics. We’ll be focusing on entertainment and new startups but you'll also find topic areas...

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rFpro launches the world first platform that enables the test and training of autonomous vehicles in simulation

World first platform enables the test and training of autonomous vehicles in simulation For the first time, autonomous vehicles can be accurately tested and trained without using real roads. The platform significantly reduces the cost and time involved in developing these vehicles and provides a completely safe testing environment. Two major vehicle manufacturers have already adopted the technology and are already carrying out more than 2 million miles of testing per month. UK-based driving simulation company, rFpro, has launched the world’s first commercially available platform to train and develop autonomous vehicles in simulation. Using a digital environment to accurately represent...

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Human to Machine Interfaces


Information displays with POLED cold-formed technology and HD haptic feedback by Visteon: the next frontier of the infotainment interaction for the automotive industry

Visteon Showcases New Technology for the Digital Cockpit on the Road to Autonomous Driving Global automotive electronics leader presents latest technology from digital instrument clusters, displays and infotainment to cockpit controller and self-driving platform   Instrument Clusters The shift toward connected cars and autonomous vehicles is driving a transition from analog and hybrid clusters to all-digital systems. Visteon is displaying digital solutions for all vehicle segments, featuring display sizes ranging from 7 inches to 20.3 inches, with embedded functionality such as camera systems and ambient lighting. Instrument cluster highlights at CES include: A plastic OLED (organic light-emitting diode) instrument cluster...

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Vehicles Design

Vehicles Design

Ferrari FXX-K EVO: an innovative new package for the laboratory car

The Finali Mondiali provided the backdrop to the world premiere of the new FXX-K Evo which will be available both as an extremely limited-run model and as an upgrade package for the existing XX cars. This latest arrival marks a significant evolution of the XX programme launched in 2005 with cars developed specifically to play an active role in the eponymous research and development programme which itself has become a byword for innovation and uncompromising performance. As was the case with the Evo versions of the FXX and the 599 XX, the Ferrari FXX-K Evo benefits from an extensive package...



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