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Webinar: AR & VR – What’s Real? What’s Hype? What’s the Future?

Webinar: AR & VR What’s Real? What’s Hype? What’s the Future?   Overview On Thursday July 19, VRX is hosting a webinar with senior execs at Google, HTC Vive and SuperData Research, to assess the current state of the industry and the strategies for bringing immersive tech to its commercial potential. Register for the webinar (and/or to be sent the recording) here: https://bit.ly/2KY3cvK Panel Steven Kan, Head of Global Strategy, AR and VR, Google Vinay Narayan, Executive Director, VR, HTC Vive Stephanie Llamas, VP of Strategy and Head of XR, SuperData Research Discussion chaired by: Amy Peck, Founder & CEO,...

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Automotive and Transportation real-time rendering revolution by Unity3D High Definition Render Pipeline

The HDRP approach Considering the last trends in real time rendering productions and how the responsivity in terms of prototypes validation is needed by design companies, Unity introduces the HDRP technology to compete with the stunning graphic impact of Unreal Engine. The Lexus LC 500 teaser part I,  at top of the page, is a demo released by Unity mixing the HDRP technology and CAD optimising tools released by PiXYZ. The principles of the HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline) are: Physically based rendering Unified and coherent lighting Features independent of the rendering path. Physically based rendering relies on three pillars: Lighting, Material,...

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HMISoftware Reviews

The 5 most used open source software to develop self-driving platforms for ADAS: Autoware, Apollo, EB Robinos & EB Robinos Predictor, NVIDIA® DriveWorks and OpenPilot

Intro Many companies  involved in self-driving platforms development (for Automotive and Drones)  are relaying one open source software and interfaces. Here a list of the 6 most used platforms based on their reliability and usability. The contents are in alphabetical order and not in order of relevance: Apollo Autoware EB robinos & EB robinos Predictor – Elektrobit NVIDIA® DriveWorks OpenPilot Here some Useful Resources to learn coding for Self-Driving vehicles. Apollo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WelxS19p9mE Apollo provides an open, reliable and secure software platform for its partners to develop their own autonomous driving systems through on-vehicle and hardware platforms. With Apollo, you get: A world...

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Vehicles Design

Microlino is an “electric” revamp of the iconic 1955 BMW Isetta supported by Italian technology

Overview The Microlino is a two seats car by Micro and the concept is based on the iconic 1955 BMW Isabella. It has a kerb weight of 450 kg, a range of 120 or 215 kilometers (bigger battery) and a maximum speed of 90 km/h, which is more than enough for an urban environment. With just 2.4 meters length, the Microlino is ideal for cross-parking, the front-entrance enables getting out directly on the sidewalk. The selling price is around 12'000 Euros, less than a car, but a bit more than a motorbike. The Microlino can be recharged at any conventional domestic power socket...



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