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Virtual Reality

ANTILATENCY positional tracking brings 6 degrees of freedom to standalone VR headsets

HEADSET SUPPORT Antilatency is a tracking solution compatible with any kind of headsets and easy to install. Just unbox ALT, insert adapter for your type of HMDs in a data port and add positional tracking for mobile VR experience. Cardboard VR Three steps to set up a positional tracking system with Cardboard: 1. Insert the connector in your smartphone's charging port 2. Expand IR-Bars around a virtual area 3. Plug ALT to your smartphone   Samsung Gear VR Three steps to set up a positional tracking system with Gear VR: 1. Attach the connector to your headset 2. Expand IR-bars...

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Physically based and photrealistic 3D simulation models for training, testing and validation processes with Next Limit Anyverse and Unreal Engine 4

What is ANYVERSE? ANYVERSE is a simulation system that improves the accuracy of autonomous vehicles in the task of object detection and classification. It consists of a scene enhancing technology and a high-fidelity render engine to produce rich and varied synthetic data, simulating the behavior of visible-light cameras and LiDAR sensors under physically-plausible scenarios. http://www.twittertechnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Anyverse_NextLimit.mp4 Tagged data and LiDAR In ANYVERSE, images are tagged automatically at pixel level, avoiding expensive and error-prone manual tagging. ANYVERSE's ray-tracing technology can also generate LiDAR information, simulating their mechanical and physical properties, including noise. Pipeline integration ANYVERSE integrates seamlessly in your current training pipeline...

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Human to Machine Interfaces


BYTON SUV focus on HMI, User Interface and User Experience: when Mega Bytes are more relevant than Speed

Unique human-vehicle interaction The new SUV will be manufactured at BYTON’s plant in Nanjing, China. Its price will start at USD $45,000. The car will be available in China towards the end of 2019, and in the U.S. and Europe in 2020. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrLGMY2zp8E Key features include: Shared lounge experience for in-car communication, entertainment and work, with content and connection driven by the BYTON Life cloud platform A single 125 x 25 cm (49 x 9.8 inch) Shared Experience Display center console, along with three additional display screens Unique human-vehicle interaction incorporating voice recognition, touch control, biometric identification and hand gesture...

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Vehicles Design

Vehicles Design

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion: when Augmented Reality with Microsoft HoloLens goes into the dashboard of an electric ADAS based vehicle

World premiere of the I.D. VIZZION in Geneva Volkswagen shows the potential of its new range of I.D. models I.D. VIZZION: the AUTO-mobile of the future – driving autonomously and electrically I.D. VIZZION: innovative technology makes the car clean, safe and comfortable I.D. VIZZION: futuristic interior and control concepts The potential of I.D. Family models: from a compact Golf-class electric vehicle to a fully automated premium class MPV Volkswagen electric vehicle campaign: 20 all-electric vehicles by 2025 The I.D. VIZZION1 supports the Volkswagen claim for future individual mobility. Its electric drive system makes the car clean in road traffic, and its automatic...



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