Massless Introduces Pen VR Peripheral For High Precision 3D Modelling in CAD environments

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A faster, more intuitive way of working in 3D The MASSLESS Pen enables designers and engineers to intuitively develop, review and manipulate large 3d models in real time from within the dataset. The MASSLESS pen removes the barrier to productivity… Continue Reading →

DISTI VE STUDIO: 3D virtual environments for maintenance training by games engines like Unity3D

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For application developers creating 3D virtual environments for maintenance training who struggle using commercial game engines, VE Studio is a development toolkit that provides a proven process to efficiently create interactive 3D content. Unlike Unity by itself, VE Studio offers… Continue Reading →

Chinese tech giant Baidu bets on AI and virtual reality with VOLUMETRIC RENDERING investing on 8i technology

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Full article from CNBC here. Mix realities with holograms Easily record and experience photorealistic human holograms with true volume and depth for virtual, augmented and mixed reality How would it feel to go anywhere and meet anyone in virtual reality?… Continue Reading →

THE SERIOUS GAME INSTITUTE at Coventry University @SGIcoventry Facebook

HUMAN HALLOY Drag and drop 3D human models

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ARTOMATIX is a PBR texture suite that employs the help of Machine Learning software doing the work for you!

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What is Artomatix? Artomatix is a PBR texture service suite that employs the help of Machine Learning software on some of the worlds most powerful servers to minimize Texture Artists workload. Artomatix aims to do the work for you.

What Game Engine Should I Use? (Unreal Engine 4, Cry Engine V, Unity 5, Amazon Lumberyard, Frostbite, Source)

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Amazon Lumberyard review and comparison between Frostbite, CryEngine, Source Unity, Unreal Engine

SiNI Software are developers of advanced Autodesk® 3DS Max® plugins and tools focused on speed and workflow efficiency

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  With IgNite you have a complete ingestion to render toolset UI to assist with your modelling, animation and rendering workflow. Within the UI we have developed bespoke plugins only available with IgNite, which we believe make this toolset unique…. Continue Reading →

@nvidia GPU TECHNOLGY CONFERENCE 28/29 Sept Amsterdam – DISCOVER THE FUTURE OF #AI IN THE #CAR #gtc16eu LinkedIn

Digital Construction week – London 26/27 October 2016 – Innovation in the Built Environmen @DigiConWeek

Potree is a WebGL based viewer for large point clouds developed by Technical University of Vienna

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On line point cloud projects and tech specifications

NVIDIA GTX 1080 Performance Review: Head to Head Against the 980 Ti

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NVIDIA’s next generation virtual reality GPU will soon be here, and it’s all new. But how much more power is under the hood of the GTX 1080, the first graphics card based on the company’s new Pascal architecture? We pit… Continue Reading →

@CoronaRenderer 1.4 for #3DSMax released @3dslondon

The best of
London Wearable Technology Show 2016
and Augmented Reality & VR 2016

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Video interviews and pictures from the biggest London event about wearable technology and augmented reality


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