Lidar/3D Scanning

Automotive LIDAR Technology: Key concepts and Top Vendors with downloadable report

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How Does LIDAR Work? How does a sensor that has 360 degree vision and accurate depth information work? Simply put: a LIDAR sensor continually fires off beams of laser light, and then measures how long it takes for the light to… Continue Reading →

SWEEP DIY 3D SCANNER KIT: affordable price for powerful technology with consumer applications for long range 3D scanning

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Outdoor 3D scanning has been around for decades, but has traditionally been much too expensive for home use. This kit aims to put this powerful technology into the hands of makers that want to develop and experiment with consumer applications… Continue Reading →

HUMAN HALLOY Drag and drop 3D human models

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Watch HD Gallery  

STRUCTURE Sensor: 3 steps scanning by iPad – 3D scanning, augmented reality and more for mobile devices

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About Structure Sensor Precise 3D scans in seconds Lightweight and portable Built-in battery for 4 hours of 3D scanning Export .obj, .ply, .stl, .vrml files Dozens of available apps   Precise 3D scans in three simple steps Technical Specifications Dimensions… Continue Reading →

SWEEP scanning lidar for everyone!

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About this project Sweep is a scanning LiDAR sensor designed to bring powerful 360 degree sensing capabilities to everyone for an affordable price. We wanted a scanning LiDAR for our projects and couldn’t findanything that was powerful enough and easy… Continue Reading →

Potree is a WebGL based viewer for large point clouds developed by Technical University of Vienna

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On line point cloud projects and tech specifications

Phoenix Aerial AL3-16 UAV #LiDARMapping System Overview @Phoenix_Aerial

@LeicaGeosystems How to manage a #laserScanner:3 movies from Basic to Complex Projects

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Movie 2:How It All Works, Movie 3:Simple Projects and Complex Projects

‘Zeno20’ by @LeicaGeosystems High accuracy GPS device @GeospatialM

Matter and Form desktop 3D Scanner: a tool with an excellent price/quality ratio at 600$.

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Details and in depth test

Bevel by @MatterandForm #3DLaserScanner for your mobile device #iOS #Android

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Details and references

Geospatial World – The Geospatial Industry Magazine read on line issues @geoworldmedia

DAVID SLS-3 Structured Light 3D Scanner

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Details and specifications

#MobileFusion create #3DScans by mobile phone for #3DPrinting or #AaugmentedReality games

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Downloadable pdf about Real-time Volumetric Surface Reconstruction and Dense Tracking On Mobile Phones

3D Scanner Surphaser® 50HS submillimeter accuracy at entry level price

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Surphaser 3D laser scanning demo by Mimic Studios Inc. – the video test and pdf file with specifications

Handheld scanner FARO Freestyle3D X with X-tra accuracy
@Laserscanningeu @FARO_HQ

OPTICAL CMM #3Dscanner probing solutions for lab and production applications

EORA 3D: 3D scanning powered by your smartphone! @eora3d

Bentley Point tools V8i Powerful and Intuitive Pre-Processing of #PointClouds @BentleySystems

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Cy Ark 500!

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Cy Ark 500 are now
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Join CyArk to discuss the state of heritage preservation world-wide and the impact of existing and emerging technologies for data capture and dissemination.

BRAMOR #UAS – high precision optics with inertial system data logging electronics @C_ASTRAL

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C-Astral Takeoff Catapults and training onboard camera movies

StepByStep #3Dscanning Zoller&Froehlich5010C Adam P.Spring @ThatInterested @WesternHrtgCntr

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Second step of the process

Resilience through Innovation #culturalHeritage conference Oct 20-21, 2015 Berlin by @CyArk

BIMnet – LONDON September 14th @BIMnetwork UK’s leading BIM networking organisation

BQ Ciclop:3D scanner from a 100% #opensource project. Easy to use and to build! @bqreaders

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Live demo session and video building instructions

@google 3D Mapping Phone to Help Robots Fly Around in Space @googleitalia @3dprintingcom

SCANIFY #Handheld #scanner with high quality for creative applications @Fuel_3D

From LIDAR to Racing Game Tracks: ASSETTO CORSE videogame made in Italy @Eurogamer_it

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Pompeii restoration reveals tragic scene of ‘scared boy cowering on his mother’s lap’ on @MetroUK

#LaserScanner #3DSurvey Forum Of Pompeii PDF abstract by DIAPREM


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