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Wwise Automotive by Audiokinetic: the importance of integrating new audio and sound technologies for automotive industry

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Automotive IVI Software is Rapidly Evolving As the automotive market shifts towards connected, software-defined, and smarter cars, it is becoming critical to leverage innovative software technologies to: Reduce product development time and enable faster and more efficient collaboration across a… Continue Reading →

5 top audio tools for VR and Game Sound Design

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In this review: FMOD, Miles Sound System, Fabric, Audacity, Cubase


a stunning Architectural CAD/VR editor and viewer for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift: a unique approach to design and visualization

Share projects via desktop, cloud or mobile

Twitter Tech News actively support EYECAD VR as TECHNICAL MEDIA PARTNER

Go through tech specs, demo sessions and tutorials!

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Bring your project to life directly in VR with the most common files formats See it in action!

A stunning Architectural CAD and VR visualiser for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift: a unique approach to design and visualization by an Italian company to share projects via desktop or mobile app

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Parkopedia allows drivers to find the closest parking to their destination in one go!

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Parkopedia allows drivers to find the closest parking to their destination, tells them how much it will cost and whether the space is available…. which means no more driving around looking for parking!

@yellowdogltd: make your #renderings #crowdsourcing thousands of individually owned #PCs and earn money!

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Videos, specifications and links

Intel® RealSense™ Technology: coding and demo to track your backbone Posture at PC!

#Autodesk releases #Meshmixer3 with new features for multi-material #3Dprinting

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How to use Meshmixer: 1 hour video

#SpaceClaim #3DModeling #Software Solves Geometry Problems Fast:SpaceClaim 2016 Overview @spaceclaim 

APP TRIPPER: emotional and unconventional travel guide app for smartphones and tablets made in

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Download the Android, Windows or Apple Version App Tripper is an unconventional guide that takes you through the most important European and Italian cities.

ArcticLink3S2 #sensorHub & SenseMe #AlgorithmLibrary:low power combo solution for wearables

Share your highQuality #3DModelsof all sizes & platforms with integrated tools @sharemy3d

VirDa #VirtualReality software by @Semcon:complex #CAD environments models visualised with #OculusRift

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#MicrosoftHyperlapse makes #firstPersonVideos smooth and speedy @Microsoft

Building an #App using #MedicalDevices @AppsAlliance

Innovating with #4DConstruction Project Delivery thanksTo @Synchro_Ltd

LIN mobile app:the new way to manage contact lists for business and personal use @LIN_4Me

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Review and demo

Trends in the Global #AppMarket with Priori Data @prioridata @AppsAlliance

#Autodesk #3dsMax2016 #Extension1 and new tools and workflows in #3dsMax2015 @Adsk3dsMax @cgsociety

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Meet the Experts: Get things done faster with new tools and workflows in 3ds Max 2015 and 2016 additional video inside

#motionCapture at home for #MotionBuilder by #LeapMotion Device @Autodesk_ME @LeapMotion

Hakitzu: the #app teaching kids to #code #kidscodin @guardiantech

#IntelRealSense 3D camera @IntelRealSense: references, demo, accuracy test and SDK Examples

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Web sites references and SDK video demo inside

Publish your 3D models on the web by @Sketchfab exporters, here the supported software

Introducing Zync by Google Cloud Platform: cloud-based rendering

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How to render on line by Zync: Maya and Nuke tutorials

EYEVIEW #AugmentedReality #archVisualisation Service to design,plan & visualise projects

Clarisse iFX 2D/3D software: a compositing software and a 3d rendering engine @Isotropix 

Leap Motion 3D: track your hands in VR over the boundaries of the interaction! @LeapMotion

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How it works movie

#PhysicallyBasedRendering Researches&Applications @unity3d @UnrealEngine @Allegorithmic @marmosetco @DisneyInstitute

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Book review, scientific articles, real time rendering engines and practical examples

Meet @UnrealEngine at every Thursday at 2pm ET

Advanced Global Illumination in Unity 5 – Unite Europe 2015 @unity3d


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