Creo 5.0 and Creo Simulation Live integrated solution with an affordable price for CAD Augmented Reality prototyping


Creo 5.0 and
Creo Simulation Live

Design and simulation are two fields that nowadays cannot exclude each other: faster and reliable will be a project’s simulation and more performing and competitive will be the final release of it.

Looking for integrated solutions with an affordable price on the market, “Creo Simulation Live” is one of the best packages available that is combined into a CAD environment. 

The partnership between PTC and ANSYS has dramatically boost the usability and functionalities of PTC Creo 5.0 (a CAD software solution), that includes breakthrough capabilities in Additive Manufacturing, IoT, Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Augmented Reality (AR) supported by the” ANSYS Discovery Live technology” to integrate “Creo Simulation Live” into his workflow.

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Key Features

“Creo Simulation Live” gives real-time feedback on displaying the required design analysis in seconds, without the need to optimize meshes complexity and thnaks to its multi modal options, it generates different tested solutions into an easy way.

Key features and benefits are:

  • Real-time: Instantaneous simulation results for parts and assemblies directly in the modeling environment.
  • Interactive: Analysis updates dynamically as users edit or create features.
    Confidence: powered by ANSYS technology.
  • Ease of use: Run your first simulation in minutes. No need for geometry preparation, meshing, or waiting for results.
  • Discover problems earlier in the design process when they are easier and less expensive to fix.
  • Produce products that more quickly meet functional requirements, and explore more design alternatives faster.
  • Reduce the wait times associated with traditional simulation tools. Save analyst time and cost for high-end analysis while eliminating bottlenecks.
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How it works

The bottle neck of the huge processing power required to enable the parallel elaboration of the simulation and 3D modelling phase has been solved by the integration of the ANSYS technology in Creo 5.0, that has developed a native parallel GPU processing, rather than a processing by a CPU, sharing with the video card the computational workload and leaving the CPU to run his main duties.

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The software house declare as minimun requirments to run properly the simulator a dedicated NVIDIA CUDA-enabled graphics card with minimum 4 GB video RAM (8 GB video RAM recommended).



Augmented Reality simulation

For sure one of the top features of the PTC package is the option to share simply via a link a complex CAD model, visualising it in Augmented Reality on a mobile device, so the designer can literally “move” around his project evaluating physical aspects not understandable by moving a 3D model on a screen!

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