Video interviews and pictures from
the biggest London event about
wearable technology and
augmented reality

Pictures and last updates

Jaguar: Wearable and mobile solutions

VTime: The Virtual Reality Sociable Network

Sony AR Glasses for enterprise solution

Atheer: vision at work AR enterprise solutions

Epson Moverio: a new way of seeing the world in AR

XM REALITY: AR enterprise solutions

Lyte: wide angled full HD video recording glasses

Pit Pat: dog activity tracker

Kito+ health tracker embed into phone cover

Double Me:interactive characters for VR/AR/CGI productions

Oura: ring-sized wellness computer

Kinematix: in shoes sensors for accurate monitoring

Sensoria:A smarter way to run all with a sock

Zappar: augmented reality app for your creativity

Vuzix: high end glasses for gaming and enterprise

Kerv: stylish ring payment solution

Inoptec: the first intelligent sunglasses on the market

Fistbit: physiology insight with data recording

Digiseq: payments solutions

Artifact: VR & AR solutions for gaming and enterprises

Anyline: text recognition sdk for your mobile device

Event overview


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