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ShareMy3D is a Norwegian start-up with a breakthrough solution for viewing 3D without the loading times.

We enable the seamless integration of 3D online, so you can quickly and easily communicate in 3D (no plugins or downloading).

ShareMy3D allows users to view files up to 5GB and that’s a massive advantage over other services on the market.

Use ShareMy3D to integrate 3D models in your website or social media content.

ShareMy3D currently works with 40 different file types, so all 3D content can be supported in one, online location. Further, it includes a suite of professional level tools to enable users to work directly with the 3D model online.

It’s a common platform for users of 3D that is long-overdue.

“10 years ago, we all struggled to share video. YouTube solved this problem. In the same way, ShareMy3D has cracked the code for sharing 3D models,”
Kaye Hope- ShareMy3D COO

ShareMy3D has a wide range of use cases

Website E-Commerce

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Replace 2D images with 3D models for a more exciting and informative consumer buying experience.

Direct Customer Communication

Send customized 3D model data direct to your clients.

Digital Marketing Campaign

Create stand-out digital marketing campaigns in 3D in any online platform (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more).

Internal Communication

Share 3D data within an organization without requiring compatible software.

Secure Backup Solution

Storing all your critical 3D on local servers? Create a secure, cloud-based backup that enables you to quickly view your 3D data.

API Integration

ShareMy3D is busy working on an API. Please add yourself to the mailing list to be notified when the API is finished.
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