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Don’t just talk about your adventures, document them.

Skye created the Orbit drone for those who have amazing adventures and who want to quickly and effortlessly share them. We made aerial filming easy and Orbit is your flying personal photographer. You just turn it on, activate flight, mark the subject to follow, and go! When you’re ready to edit your video, our in-app suite complete with music and filters does the job. In one click, your video is uploaded to Facebook, Wechat, and other social networks.

No matter if you are running, biking, hiking or skiing, Orbit will keep following you. Orbit will free your hands and let you focus on having fun and enjoying the moments. Wear the tracker, set the filming parameters in the app, frame yourself on the screen, and Orbit will never let you out of its sight. It’s like how a duckling trails after its mother — always close enough, but never strays too far.

Many drones now have the auto-tracking function, however, their tracking technology is not as sophisticated and precise like Orbit. With GPS, computer vision, and our SGIT tracking technologies working together seamlessly and complementary, Orbit has the most precise tracking system. It will be a perfect outdoor companion to capture your best moments. You can even share the videos and photos to network easily and instantly via Skye app.

No computer necessary, the Skye App in-app editing suite takes care of everything.

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When you have finished recording, the video can be downloaded to your device through the Skye App. Using the Orbit’s in-app editing suite, you can trim the video, use filters, add music and more. Aside from that, sharing videos to Facebook, Wechat, Skye Community and other social networks is also quick and easy.

In the future, we plan to achieve the function of streaming live videos while flying the drone.

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To set up for flying:

a) Touch the top cover to power up Orbit

b) Calibrate the compass

c) Click “Takeoff”


For auto-follow:

a) Wear the tracker

b) Frame yourself in the Skye App

c) Click “OK” and Orbit will lock on you

d) Do your thing

if you want to control your drone, you can use manual mode in Skye app. We also offer a remote controller as an extra accessory. Maximum speed is increased from 10m/s to 15m/s, controlling height and distance is increased from 50m to 200m via remote controller.

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Followed by Orbit


Wherever you go, even in the dark, Orbit always follows you.

Orbit is also a perfect outdoor sports companion to capture your best moments.  Desire to film yourself from amazing camera angles just like in video games?  Go get an Orbit!

Orbit adheres to the concept of simplistic and utilitarian design to create a streamlined appearance. Its construction was inspired by Zaha Hadid’s architecture with rounded, soft edges and smooth surfaces. All parts of the drone feel like an extension of the center, rather than pieced together. The switch design is a far cry from the old bulky handsets and enhances the flight experience.

From the initial idea to current trial production stage, our team have constantly improved and optimized Skye Orbit and now it is the time to show Orbit to the world.


Don’t worry about delivery – We are guaranteed to start shipping in June 2016

Our partnered manufacturer which is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified has over 20 years’ experience in the related field. With advanced SMT machine shop, well-organized assembly room and experienced operators, the manufacturer has already built 250 units of Orbits for trial production.

Skye was founded in 2015 with the purpose of creating amazing aerial drones and products. We want to let people see the world from a whole new angle and truly experience life. We want people to document and keep those memories whether it’s via videos and pictures without technology ruining the moment for them. With Orbit, you get to make memories and keep them.

In the past year, our team has rapidly grown from less than 10 to more than 80 people. The talented team members who hail from prestigious companies and universities have diversified background and complementary skills. Together we have brought fantastic ideas and solutions and the team chemistry finally works out to bring you our Skye Orbit which will soar with you in the world.

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Pitt Pang (CEO) – Pang leads the entire team and has developed great strategies with his sharp business sense. As a passionate entrepreneur, he has created several successful start-ups in the past 10 years. Graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University, one of the China’s leading research-intensive university in aviation and aeronautics, Pang has a broad knowledge of drone technology.

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Xiaoyan Gui (CTO) – Gui has led R&D team to create and accomplish the amazing functions and features of Orbit with his strong technology background. Thanks to his rich knowledge and innovative thinking, Skye has applied 17 patents, of which 5 have already been authorized, for Orbit. He earned a Ph.D of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from the University of California, Irvine and worked as staff Scientist in Broadcom Corporation.

Anson Liu (COO) – Liu has more than 15 years’ broad industry experience including brand marketing and entrepreneurship. As the leader of operation team, he is responsible for business development with suppliers and manufacturers and in charge of sales and channel distribution. Liu graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and EMBA from Xi’an Jiaotong University.

Zhanzhan Li (CMO) – Zhanzhan leads our Marketing team and contributes her forward-looking vision and deep passion to product development and marketing strategies. Graduated from the prestigious Tsinghua University, she has cultivated in the past decade an extraordinary leadership through her experience in multiple business functions, from financial marketer in the Bank industry to brand builder for media company.

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Mingyuan Li (Angel Investor) – Mingyuan Li is currently the vice president and E-Staff (Baidu core management team) member of Baidu, Inc. and the committee member of China Youth Federation and Chinese Association of Young Scientists and Technologists. He is the business consultant of Skye Intelligence.

Xiaoxi Shi (Chief Industrial Designer) – Shi brings his talent and experience in industrial design to create the brilliant appearance of Orbit. Graduated at the top of his class in the prestigious Tsinghua University, he started his career at Orca Design and FID Design and was one of the first people to join the now Nokia Design headquarter in Asia. His works include Nokia 610 and the Red Dot award winning X-plus furniture.

Matti Maatta (Chief Mechanical Architect) – Maatta created the Orbit mechanical architecture in tight co-operation with industrial design ensuring the design and technology work seamlessly together. Studied and graduated with the highest marks in Finland earning degrees in both engineering and design. He has had a long career with global telecommunication companies, lastly as a Mechanical Concept Creation Manager with the Microsoft Surface team in San Diego.


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