The EyeLink® Portable Duo Portable Eye Tracking, Uncompromised Data Quality


The EyeLink Portable Duo by SR Research produces the highest quality data to emerge from a compact and easy to transport eye tracker. The Portable Duo is dual-use as a high-speed (up to 2000 Hz Binocular head-stabilized or 1000 Hz Remote head free-to-move), high-precision system – portability with uncompromised data quality.

Features of the EyeLink Portable Duo:

    • Mobile – Everything needed can fit in a carry-on bag
    • Flexible – Dual-use head-stabilized or remote head free-to-move eye tracking with distinct algorithms optimized for your research application
    • Superior Data Quality – Robust, accurate and precise data for even the most demanding scientific and medical applications
    • Easy to Use – Quick and simple setup, recording, and analysis
    • Compatible – Smoothly integrates with SR Research and third party software and tools



Every EyeLink Portable Duo System includes a

  • Laptop Host PC and the Portable Duo USB camera capable of up to 2000 Hz binocular recording with the head stabilized or 1000 Hz with the head free-to-move
  • Laptop Mount for tracking on 15″ to 17″ laptop screens
  • Tripod Mount for tracking with typical computer monitors or projectors
  • Portable head support and a gamepad response device
  • Hard shell shipping case suitable as carry-on baggage or checked luggage
  • Wheeled combination laptop bag/backpack

Laptop and Tripod Mounts






Superior Data Quality

Whether recording with the remote, head free-to-move or head-stabilized tracking mode, the EyeLink Portable Duo provides the exceptionally high level of accuracy and precision for which all SR Research eye trackers are renowned. Smooth Pursuit data are presented below recorded with the head free-to-move.









Technical Specifications

Sampling Rate Up to 2000 Hz Binocular Tracking
Accuracy Head Free-To-Move or Head-Stabilized tracking average accuracy down to 0.15º (0.25º to 0.5º typical)
Resolution <0.01º RMS error
This is perfect for microsaccade and pupil size measurement
Real-time Data Access Head Supported: M = 1.34 msec (SD = 0.18 msec)
Remote/Head Free-to-Move: M=1.38 msec (SD = 0.17 msec)
Participant Setup Very simple and easy. Typically setup takes only a couple of minutes.

Programming Options

The EyeLink Portable Duo includes perpetual software updates and technical support with no hidden fees. Example code and programs are freely available for:

  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 10, Mac OS X, and Linux
  • E-Prime, Presentation, MATLAB via PsychToolbox, LabView, as well as Python, C/C++, COM and more
  • SR Research Experiment Builder and Data Viewer

Brochure – download

EyeLink Portable Duo_Brochure 2016_10_27rs



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