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The 5 most used open source software to develop self-driving platforms for ADAS: Autoware, Apollo, EB Robinos & EB Robinos Predictor, NVIDIA® DriveWorks and OpenPilot

Intro Many companies  involved in self-driving platforms development (for Automotive and Drones)  are relaying one open source software and interfaces. Here a list of the 6 most used platforms based on their reliability and usability. The contents are in alphabetical order and not in order of relevance: Apollo Autoware EB robinos & EB robinos Predictor – Elektrobit NVIDIA® DriveWorks OpenPilot Here some Useful Resources to learn coding for Self-Driving vehicles. Apollo Apollo provides an open, reliable and secure software platform for its partners to develop their own autonomous driving systems through on-vehicle and hardware platforms. With Apollo, you get: A world...

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