AiM an Italian company acting as a key player in motor sports and race data acquisition technology

Review about Race Studio 3, AiM APP, SMARTYCAM HD 2.1 with a complete products and software list


The Company

aiM is today a key player in motor sports and race data acquisition technology.
aiM core strength is its highly specialized technological background: more than 30 software/hardware developers and engineers on a total workforce of 80 people.
Completely internal development of:

  • Hardware
  • Firmware
  • Software
  • Mechanical parts

Sectors of activity aiM designs laptimers, dashes and loggers for all kinds of racing vehicles: from kart to car, bikes, UtV, Jr. dragsters and even snowmobiles and F1 boats.

A Worldwide Distribution Network with more than 50 official distribution organizations all over the world attend our customers with aftermarket support.

Race Studio 3

Race Studio 3 the powerful software for analysis race Studio 3 is the heart of all aiM systems.
With rS3 you can manage all activities related to:

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 Configuration: you can create, modify, delete,import and export configurations with all channels, ECU drivers, Math channels, Display pages, Digital outputs, alarms, Shift Lights and all the expansions you need. You will also be able to manage the map of all your racing tracks and compare two laps watching the video recorded by SmartyCam HD cameras.

Analysis: you can also analyse all data on your pC: graphs, histograms and tables will help you study your performance, providing an objective support to avoid mistakes and improve performances.
and – last but not least – race Studio 3 comes for free with all systems and all its updates are freely downloadable from aiM website or, if you wish, from the dedicated ‘Web updates’ option available in rS3 Start page.

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aiM Race Studio Analysis
GPS lap insert

aiM race Studio 3
Improve your driving in 5 minutes


aiM app running on iOS platforms and can communicate with all loggers with WiFi connectivity.
Once the WiFi antenna of the user’s telephone is connected on the same network where the logger lies, the users will be able to perform the following operations:

  • Live Measures: real time displaying of the values sampled by the sensors configured on the
  • Firmware Upgrade: upgrading the firmware on the logger by using the phone (firmware
    being downloaded from aiM web site);
  • tracks Creations: creation of new tracks by mean of the touch screen of the telephone;
  • tracks Update: ensuring the last version of tracks from aiM website is on the device;
  • WiFi settings: modification of the logger WiFi parameters;
  • Device Blinking: device identification in order to find out exactly the device of interest;
  • Data analysis: simple and essential data analysis for the downloaded tests.
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SmartyCam HD rev.2.1 has been designed for motorsports with a single purpose: providing great videos that include all the technical information that will help you improve your performance. all this in the most
robust and reliable system ever. In its new version, the electronics/mechanics have been further improved, and SmartyCam HD is now even easier to manage.

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SmartyCam HD rev.2,1 overlays all the data you need from different sources.

  • From gpS: track map and vehicle position, as well as speed, lap and split times.
  • From aiM loggers connected to your ECU: rpM, throttle, engaged gear, acceleration, temperatures, pressures and – in presence of additional sensors – also their values.
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All these info will be overlayed on videos in each single point of the track.

Tech specs

  • H.264, 1,280×720 pixel @ 30 fps Video format
  • telecentric lens with six elements
  • 67° or 84° angle of view
  • Internal, rechargeable lithium battery – 1.950 mah
  • Battery duration: 120 ‘- 150’ of recording with data
  • 9-15 Volt External power
  • Support for up to 128 gp SD Cards
  • 3 axis ± 5g accelerometer
  • -10°C/+60°C Usage temperatures
  • auto power ON/OFF
  • auto Start/Stop recording

SMARTYCAM data overlay

Testing Smarty Cam at Laguna Seca

AiM Software list

AiM full products list


AiM Racing Guide 2018

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