Panasonic HUD with integrated driver monitoring camera presented at CES 2018

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Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe showed @ CES 2018 in Las Vegas, USA their latest Head-Up Display innovation by integrating an Augmented Reality HUD (FOV of 10° x 5° @ 10 meters) with a thermally stable Picture Generating Unit implementing an enhanced Optical Stack that enables it to withstand Sun back reflections which would normally damage the TFT inside the PGU.

Panasonic has also integrated an IR Driver Monitoring Camera inside the HUD unit which can be used for automatically adjusting the eye box to the driver’s height and monitoring the driver (e.g. giving a warning signal if the driver is not looking forward).

Such DMC uses the optical path of the HUD (including mirrors) in reverse order where the IR Camera sensor is placed close to the TFT inside the HUD.

The integrated Driver Monitoring Camera would solve car makers cockpit designers’ hurdles in integrating the camera module in the cockpit interior where visibility to driver’s face is mandatory.

The System is integrated in a small Electric Vehicle enabling Panasonic to perform field tests and experience performance under different conditions.


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