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16 February 2017



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America Square Conference Centre, 1 America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB


Since Stanley G. Weinbaum first created the idea of Virtual Reality in his short story Pygmalion’s Spectacles, the idea of simulated reality has been considered the Holy Grail for inventors and tech-enthusiasts alike.

VR rises to preeminence and will begin to affect major change in certain verticals:

  • Gaming
  • Virtual Tours
  • 360 Degrees Cinema
  • Sports Streaming
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Visualisations & Simulations

 This one-day, content-filled conference will examine commercial use cases in VR, discuss how businesses can incorporate VR into their strategy to increase value and deliver insight on the future of VR and what it means for your company.



Agenda – download


What Will Delegates Gain From Attending?

  • Learn about the latest VR technology and the corresponding economic potential
  • Understand the innovative uses and applications of VR from companies that have already trodden the path of implementation
  • Gain cutting-edge insight into virtual reality technology and how it can be commercialized
  • Enjoy market-leading content from industry leaders on the business case for implementing VR
  • Develop strategic plans for VR uses and learn how to leverage them in your business
  • Get involved in the great networking opportunities with a range of IT and tech professionals who are taking advantage of VR
  • Relive the content with unlimited, on-demand access to the video recordings of all presentations

Who Should Attend?

  • All IT, Innovation and Marketing professionals looking to gain insight into the practical application of VR
  • Business leaders looking to understand and assess the business case for VR
  • Representatives from Gaming, Retail, Sports, Media, Education, Property and many other sectors
  • Stake holders deciding on how and/or if VR technology is right for their business strategy


This concise conference will assist you in understanding the relevance and need of VR to your growth plans. Virtual Reality Evolution is an opportunity to benchmark your company’s strategy against leaders in your industry.The practical use cases will offer a straightforward explanation as to how you can incorporate virtual reality into your business strategy.This one-day event is the perfect means for streamlining your VR approach, meeting other professionals in this space and unlocking the power of virtual reality as a business tool.

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post_481_008Brian Waterfield
Virtual Reality & High-end Visualisation Technical Lead (Research & Technology) @ Jaguar LandRover


I have always had a passion for technology, from early days playing with anything that buzzed, rang or made you jump;  so you would thing I would move from school into technology of some sort, but no I became a carpenter /  joiner, and my early years were spent building things.

When I join Jaguar Landrover I started as a pattern marker, using my carpentry skills to help create the concepts of the future, but what really caught my eye were inspection machines, computers, and the 3D space. My childhood fascinations had awoken and then there was no stopping me; first Inspection, then design, onto packaging, then designing physical properties in CAD, but still developing them in the physical world.

This process gave me great insight into ergonomics both physical and virtual; so adding this to my developing skill set, I introduce virtual reality into JLR, and 2007 I commissioned one of the world’s leading virtual environments the VRCAVE. I also added to the complexity of the task by returning to university and completing a MSc in virtual reality and gaming technology; this gave me the tools to evolve the VRcentre into the Virtual innovation centre that is operating today, supporting the vehicle development process. Today you will find me in Research, developing the virtual techniques for the future of JLR, whilst also overseeing the next great state of the art centre of excellence the Nation automotive innovation centre which will open in 2018.

post_481_002Fred Warren
Connected Digital Services @ Microsoft


Fred is the Creative Director in Connected Digital Services. He leads through research into customer and audience context, consideration of market realities and the application of digital technologies to deliver amazing and creative new products, services, and experiences. Fred has a specic focus on creating immersive experiences whether its landing Santa Claus on a plane, dancing deer in holograms, creating digital worlds in the desert or taking someone to the top of Everest without ever leaving their home.


post_481_003Francesca Panetta
Special Projects Editor @ theguardian


Francesca Panetta is a multi-award winning digital artist and journalist. She leads the Guardian’s virtual reality studio. 6×9: a virtual experience of solitary confinement was the Guardian’s first VR piece and won attention around the world an exemplary case of story and form. The piece has toured 70 festivals and conferences including the White House, and used by campaigners and mitigation specialists in the US to show the psychological damage caused by isolation. Francesca’s work at the Guardian has focused on innovation and storytelling. As Special projects she commissioned and directed flagship pieces such as Firestorm, The Shirt on Your Back, the View from the Shard, The First World War: an interactive multilingual interactive documentary. In addition to her work at the Guardian, Francesca works as a sound artist specialising in binaural sound design and non-linear storytelling, usually in physical landscapes.

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post_481_004Danny Wootton
Head of Innovation Strategy @ MoD


Danny joined MoD as Head of Innovation Strategy for ISS on 1st August 2016, working with the ISS teams and the broader defence community to create a proactive, repeatable and agile innovation model for ICT across MoD.

Within this role Danny is responsible for: technology scouting & horizon scanning, partner & SME engagements to understand their roadmaps and to ‘learn from industry’, running internal & external innovation challenges and the management of the innovation radar and funnel.  The role is also responsible for working with the professions and commercial teams to develop the culture and business models to support innovation at pace.

Prior to joining MoD, Danny was Director of Internet of Things and Innovation at CGI.

Previous roles have included creating and supporting a range of start-up businesses as well as director level positions in Solution and Product Management, Commercial Management, Product Marketing and Finance at Lucent Technologies and AT&T.

post_481_009Ed Greig
Disruptor @ Deloitte Digital


Ed Greig is the Disruptor at Deloitte Digital, his team’s job is to look at new technology and work out how it can deliver value for clients. Deloitte Digital do this by working collaboratively and iteratively to build proofs of concept and minimum viable products that demonstrate tangible bene ts, that can then be scaled into enterprise solutions. Virtual Reality is one of the most exciting and active areas that the team are investigating, with a number of projects underway and completed, addressing a variety of business uses. Ed’s current favourite things to do in VR are scaling Chinese cli s in The Climb, landing at space ports in Elite Dangerous, spattering friends with paint in Rec Room and creating 3D musical paintings in TiltBrush.

Southwest Virtual Reality Conferencebristol 12th April 2016southwestvr Vrworldcongress Com

post_481_005Luciana Carvalho Se
Founder @ SE3 Solutions


Learner, maker, systems thinker, innovator & technology enthusiast, Luciana currently heads Business Development & Partnerships for London Sports Innovation Award Winner app Racefully, and is a prominent UKVR and Women in VR Evangelist. Combining 4+ years’ experience in startups, digital marketing, web development and operational management, she’s driven by big ideas, a global mindset & empowering tech entrepreneurs in London, SF, Lisbon & Manchester – especially next generation #ladyhackers. Luciana is co-partnering on an AVR Innovation Centre & Academy set to open Q4 2016 in central London, a hub and incubator for thought leadership in the VR/AR industry.

post_481_006Mathew Wilde
Innovation Manager @ Thomas Cook


Mathew is responsible for the Innovation that we put into our Retail Network. Currently looking at Virtual Reality in Selling, apps and how to integrate into the customer journey as well as evolution of existing technology. Working on Digital Media solutions, Social media integration, Digital CX, Footfall and market trends whilst ensuring the customer is centred around everything we do.



post_481_010James Valls
Senior Producer @ Rebellion


James Valls is a Senior Producer at Rebellion. During his extensive career he has successfully managed projects on a wide range of platforms including PC, Xbox, Playstation, iOS, Android, online social platforms, websites and multimedia DVDs. He loves working new technologies and he’s currently overseeing the production of Rebellion’s first VR project, Battlezone.
Games James worked on: Star Wars Battlefront series, Playstation Home, Sniper Elite 2&3, Rebellion Mobile Titles (Judge Dredd vs. Zombies, Harmony Isle, Raceline) and Battlezone for PSVR.


post_481_011Sarah Jones
Deputy Head, School of Media and Performing Arts @ Coventry University


Sarah is an immersive storyteller, using 360 degree technology and virtual reality to bring together new forms of narrative. Sarah focuses

on technological embodiment, understanding an environment and culture through being someone else in a virtual world. These tools are consequently applied to educational scenarios to foster experiential learning through VR.

Sarah’s background is in journalism where she spent a decade as a television reporter covering everything from the US elections 2008 to being

Wearable Technology Showand Twitter Tech Newsare Media Partners For The 2nd Yearmarch 78 2017london Excel

in Sex and the City, Sarah moved into academia and works at Coventry  University, happily spending her days immersed in a virtual world.


post_481_012Diego Gonzalez-Zuniga
Developer Advocate @ Samsung


Diego Gonzalez-Zuniga (diekus) is a Developer Advocate at Samsung. Born in Costa Rica, he became an engineer in the Costa Rican Institute of Technology, where he later also finished a masters in Information Systems. He continued his studies in Barcelona with a master in Multimedia from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He recently completed his PhD in Informatics researching Stereoscopic Graphical User Interfaces in the same institution. Among many, his main interests are the use of 3D in applications, VR, creative uses of technology and gadgets.




post_481_013Yeshwanth Pulijala
Researcher in Medical Visualisation @ University of Huddersfield


Yeshwanth, the co-founder of Open Simulation is a PhD researcher in Medical Visualisation at University of Huddersfield. After graduating from a top dental school in India, Yesh moved to UK for his Masters in Medical Visualisation, where he developed mobile apps for patient education. His passion in virtual reality and augmented reality led to multiple award winning projects including the application of Oculus Rift for training maxillofacial surgeons, a virtual communication tool for medical students and a surgical education game. Working with the 3D definitive Human at Glasgow School of Art, Yesh developed a validation study for haptic dental injection project. In collaboration with the NHS Glasgow and Clyde, Yesh also created a virtual reality based advanced learning tools for surgical training purposes.



post_481_014Tom Burton
Interactive & Technology Lead @ BBC Studios


A digital creative and technologist with a specialism in innovation and 20 years experience in the digital industry. Currently leading interactive & technology at BBC Studios and their digital innovation team. Previously an agency founder and consultant for businesses, startups and organisations. Also a trustee and founder of theatre and creative tech collective Raucous and a god father to the Almanac of the future.

Tom has been working across the BBC in VR, advising on strategy and leading initiatives with global parters as well as being the director and master mind behind the award winning Home: Spacewalk Experience.


post_481_015Elite Sher
Creative Engineer / Designer @ Lift – Microsoft


Elite is an interaction designer, technologist and maker of things. Specialises in interactive installations, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in robotics and creative applications of innovative technologies focusing on AR and VR.

Festival Of Lights 2015 Berlin Festival Of Lights De Twtene Media Partner Mpstudiofx Shortlisted As Finalist Cool Guys

Currently working as a creative engineer, designer and innovator at the innovation lab at Lift / Microsoft in London.





Wendy Powell
Reader in Virtual Reality, School of Creative Technologies @ University of Portsmouth


Wendy has degrees in both rehabilitation and computing, and a PhD in creative technologies. Her current research focuses on the ways in which VR can be used to improve health and wellbeing, and she is particularly interested in the way that VR systems and software can influence behaviour, performance and perception. She is a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and also a member of the International Society for Virtual Rehabilitation. Wendy is passionate about translating academic research into practical applications to solve real-world problems.



post_481_017Venita Pereira
Lecturer, School of Media @ Birmingham City University


Venita is a Lecturer, Managing Director and bestselling author. She is passionate about technological innovation and entrepreneurship and the synergy between them.

Her background is in video game development where she has spent a decade as a technical game designer working on everything from AAA console, PC MMO, mobile and indie development to VR for some of the most prominent companies, namely, nDreams, SEGA, Jagex, Marmalade and Team17.

Venita has just recently moved into academia and works at Birmingham City University where she educates and inspires her students on video game development.


post_481_018Rich Logan
Developer @ Cisco


Rich is a software developer interested in open-source, immersive technology and video games with a specific focus on collaboration and emergent gameplay. He got into VR development by accident after overhearing the word “Unity” in the corridor – fast-forward one year and it’s now his full time job.

He is currently at Cisco exploring collaborative VR/AR for the enterprise.




post_481_007Ada Rose Edwards
Senior Engineer @ Samsung Research UK


Senior Engineer and Web Developer Advocate at Samsung Research UK. Currently focused on bringing Virtual Reality to the Web.




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Raffaele Schiavullo
the authorRaffaele Schiavullo
ADMINISTRATOR - Senior 3D/Virtual Reality Specialist and Automotive HMI developer - Working in London and "insanely" passionate about technology and its creative applications


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