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How many contacts in your phonebook are obsolete / stale?

How many phone books do you have; Google, Hotmail, Outlook and that little black diary.

Does your phonebook show you the exact location of your contacts?

I had over 1400 contacts, at last count and I must say that not more than 200 to 300 of them are current. And even less of them have all the details like email, phone, address.

It really is a pain when I need to urgently contact someone I know and find that I am unable to reach them, so what do I do, scramble to the social media. The next hour goes in searching for them on Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google+ and everything else that I can think off.

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Outcome! If I find them, do I get the phone number, not very likely. Do I get the email, somewhat more likely. Can I connect with them instantaneously, least likely. Bugger it! I will have now either forgotten what I wanted off them or will drop it altogether. LOST OPPORTUNITY.

I know the problem, stop telling me about that, GIVE ME A SOLUTION.

Yup, that is what I am just about to do.

Is there is a way to move away from our current, passive way of managing your contacts to an active way that will ensure that your contact book always remains current and that to in real time?


LIN4me is a web and mobile based application which promises to do just that. Not only does it promise, but it really delivers.

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This is a powerful web based application that is built on the principals of privacy, security and convenience with the intention to ensure, once connected always connected. Unlike the social media, where personal details are visible to anyone even half tech savvy, this application connects users over a secure platform and shared details are visible only to permitted connections, protected under layers of security.

So how do they do it, what is the magic?

There is no magic, but a simple concept that has been made possible by cloud technology. A user registers on the application with their complete details (address, email and phone number) these are verified of course through OTP (One Time Pin) on the phone and email verification link, then off you go and begin building your phonebook with all of your connections.

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So what is the difference from my current phonebook? Well, here you own your contact details and are responsible to updating them if there is a change, the beauty is, this change gets reflected in real-time with all of your contacts and vice-versa. And that, my friend, is the wonder of an active contact book.

Is that all – No there is more. Not only are you exchanging complete contact details but as a user you can also pin point the location of your address on maps, this allows your contacts to navigate directly to your door doing away with the eccentricity of mapping, which may or may not take you to the door step with the post code.

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The app makers have been intelligent enough to understand that you not only have a private side but a public front too. So you also have the option to create a public profile, which can be visited by anyone with an internet connection and a browser. This has wonderfully been positioned as a business card that you can share as a link (check out Save this to your Public LIN and you have a personal and public contact book, that are both separate and active in real-time.

To sum up, the top 5 things that the application does that makes it a must have are:

  1. Secure connection with personal and business contacts
  2. Complete phone book with all details exchanged (phone, email and address)
  3. Pin-point the geo location of your physical address
  4. Act as your digital visiting card
  5. Move from a passive to an active phone book.
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This application is not only a game changer for individual contacts but has some wonderful application in business too, both small businesses and enterprise businesses!

I will share small business uses in my next blog and follow that up for all of you big boys in business who read this blog.