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Meet Mazda’s lovely LM55 Vision concept @BBC_TopGear http://goo.gl/k59C22

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Bosch Automotive smart IoT solutions and HMI with gesture control and haptic feedback

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Connectivity is turning the car into a third living space, Bosch’s sensor technology enables connectivity beyond mobility

Massless Introduces Pen VR Peripheral For High Precision 3D Modelling in CAD environments

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A faster, more intuitive way of working in 3D The MASSLESS Pen enables designers and engineers to intuitively develop, review and manipulate large 3d models in real time from within the dataset. The MASSLESS pen removes the barrier to productivity… Continue Reading →

DISTI VE STUDIO: 3D virtual environments for maintenance training by games engines like Unity3D

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For application developers creating 3D virtual environments for maintenance training who struggle using commercial game engines, VE Studio is a development toolkit that provides a proven process to efficiently create interactive 3D content. Unlike Unity by itself, VE Studio offers… Continue Reading →

Pocket-VR™with CandyShell® Grip for iPhone 6s/6 & Samsung Galaxy S7

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Welcome to ShareMy3D

Twitter Tech News and ShareMy3D
are now media partners.

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#solar #urbanVehicle that will be approved as a tandem tricycle!

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mö is a solar urban vehicle that will be approved as a tandem tricycle, fully enclosed to protect users from the weather conditions, and capable to hold two people and some cargo and/or one or two child seats. mö it’s… Continue Reading →

The world’s first #virtualReality viewer built into a sleek phone case goo.gl/WrTqSn

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Technical specifications and printing process

#TagHeuer Connected Your guide to the Tag Android Wear #smartWatch @wareable @HODINKEE http://goo.gl/CN5WPx

SCUBAPRO Chromis Dive Computer @Scubapro http://goo.gl/uD74d1

Hoverbike: fly on your bike!

VRGO is an eggShaped chair designed to gives you more movement in #virtualReality @wareable goo.gl/vcmtDZ

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Kick Starter promo and Demo

10 Bike Inventions @designboom

OPTICAL CMM #3Dscanner probing solutions for lab and production applications
@Creaform www.creaform3d.com

EORA 3D: 3D scanning powered by your smartphone! http://www.eora3d.com/ @eora3d

SHARE 3D – web platform to create instructions, catalogs, sales demos and other required product support materials with 3D models www.share3d.com

How it’s Made Pagani Huayra @OfficialPagani  www.pagani.com

Chaparral 2X Vision GT @BBC_TopGear http://goo.gl/nLcghC

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Full HD Gallery and video review

Lazareth Wazuma GT @OptionAuto www.optionauto.com

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HD Gallery

Meet Jibo, The World’s First Social Robot for the Home @JiboRobot https://www.jibo.com/

Citroen Aircross concept car @CARmagazine @AutoExpress

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Live review in Shanghai, test drive and the “official” Citroen introduction

Tulip Concept EV ultra-modern bike (trike?) by Ognyan Bozhilov http://goo.gl/lDFLFe

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HD images gallery with amazing details

It is a baby buggy not a motorbike! @yankodesign http://goo.gl/Pc0Ltu

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HD Images gallery

2015 #London #Design #Awards @thedesign100 http://londondesignawards.co.uk/lon15/

@Bunkspeed #globalIllumination #realtimerendering for #design #visualisation by @Dassault3DS http://www.bunkspeed.com/

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Tests for metal objects and cars drive simulations

@MercedesBenzUK  and High End 3D Interactive visualization #virtualreality #stereoscopy #3dmodels #CAD #industrialdesign #collaborativedesign

Electronic Parts in #Autodesk #PLM #360 with #Octopart search engine for electronic parts https://octopart.com/

@PolyWorks The Universal 3D Metrology Software Platform goo.gl/n6sA

Apple want attract Swiss watchmakers. Great!pic.twitter.com/3ebvNCrGgV


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