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Magpie: the smartest, truly global GPS tracker around

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Magpie is the smartest GPS service out there. It keeps the people and things you love close, no matter the distance. We believe premium technology should be available to everyone. That’s why we’ve built a GPS tracker that’s not only… Continue Reading →

AirSelfie is the only portable flying camera integrated into your mobile phone cover

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About this project   AirSelfie is the world’s smallest portable flying camera. Who said selfies were confined to sticks? With this ground-breaking device you’ll be able to snap aerial photos directly from your phone. Sky’s the limit. AirSelfie is a… Continue Reading →

CellRobot Advanced Modular Robotics Kit: create hundreds of modular robot!!!

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 CellRobot – Advanced Modular Robotics Kit – tech specs an much more inside!

@skullysystems SKULLY: #augmented #reality #helmet with #headsUp #display

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Tech specifications and review

Pocket-VR™with CandyShell® Grip for iPhone 6s/6 & Samsung Galaxy S7

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Product specifications

London Technology Week June 20th and 26th 2016 @LDNTechWeek londontechnologyweek.co.uk LinkedIn Facebook

The best 360 cameras on the market

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Video reviews and links to manifacturers  web sites

CoLiDo 3D Pen: Maximize Safety in #3DPrintingPen @kickstarter 

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The stylish CoLiDo 3D Pen maximizes the SAFETY in use. Everyone can handle the pen easily and let your drawing stand. FEEL YOUR DRAWING 3D printing devices which using FDM technology are inevitably to have very hot nozzle. It is… Continue Reading →

INTRVL BAND: 20 Minute Life-Changing Workouts

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About this project

ALEX, Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach: Beat Neck and Back Pain

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 About this project

The world’s first #virtualReality viewer built into a sleek phone case goo.gl/WrTqSn

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Technical specifications and printing process

Tesseract – 6 Axis mouse: Gaming and Design from a new perspective

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Technical details and specifications

Bevel by @MatterandForm #3DLaserScanner for your mobile device #iOS #Android

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Details and references

Kubi #telepresence #robot controlled by your voice and device via #Bluetooth @RevolveRobotics revolverobotics.com

#TagHeuer Connected Your guide to the Tag Android Wear #smartWatch @wareable @HODINKEE http://goo.gl/CN5WPx

@SensoriaFitness  #wearableTechnnology interactive socks,bra,TShirt and #googleglass sensoriafitness.com

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The review: Augmented Reality with Smart Garments and Google Glass

SWIMMO #wearableTechnology to improve your water skills!
@swimmo www.swimmo.com

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Techical review

SCUBAPRO Chromis Dive Computer @Scubapro http://goo.gl/uD74d1

Gloves to feel heat and cold in virtual reality apps! @Vivoxie @ScienceDaily goo.gl/O2gTk4

A collection of the best #VRheadsets on the market @wareable http://goo.gl/1BJBzA

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3Dconnexion #CadMouse The World’s First Mouse for #CAD Professionals @3Dconnexion http://goo.gl/gPdc0t

10 Bike Inventions @designboom

Top 5 photography gadgets you should have!

#4DPrinting is the future of design
@FwThinking  @3dprintindustry @3DPRINTUK @printing3Dnews @3DPrintshow

First Person Visors for Drones
fatshark.com facebook page

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Inside “available models” and first flight with Fatshark Preditor v2 RC Vision System on HK Spec FPV250 V2 Quad

New £130 Computer Controller Fits Like A Glove @SkyNews http://goo.gl/sbyPNz

EORA 3D: 3D scanning powered by your smartphone! http://www.eora3d.com/ @eora3d

5 Computer Gadgets You Must Have…and where to buy them! @QubimaximaREAL http://goo.gl/rw5tkF

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Where to buy web sites list

The best action cameras @verge

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