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01 latest portable pen tool to capture and measure 3D curves ready for CAD modelling


Who is 01 for?

01 is an essential tool for everyone who makes. Designers, engineers, architects, tailors, carpenters and DIY warriors, for example. It’s the ultimate concept tool. But it’s also for the hobbyists, and even kids studying geometry, shop or physics. If you think about it, dimensions are incredibly important. We put up pictures, buy furniture and appliances based on size, and shop for clothes that fit best. 01 is meant to equip most of us with the most convenient, most intuitive way to capture and use dimensions every day. It is also thoughtfully personal. It’s crafted and elegant, and you can get your signature or initial etched. Like a chef’s knife, this is a perfect treat for ourselves or a gift for someone creative.
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What is inside


How does 01 work?

01 rolls to capture dimensions and reference curves of objects, then logs, converts and shares the dimensions and curves through your mobile phone. It contains a proprietary sensor system that is reading multiple things at once and using a proprietary algorithm producing dimensions and 3D reference curves.

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Level of accuracy 

01 uses a proprietary magnetic sensor and gear system to measure quite accurately. Distance sensor is accurate up to 0.1mm, but the ultimate accuracy depends on the user and we generally see error larger than 0.1mm. When using the 3D to capture curves, users must remember this is a reference curve, perfect for understanding sections, curve shapes and outlines. 3D reference curves produced by 01are not suitable for high precision part fitting, and will have some minor variance. Industrial designers and 3D modellers find the ability to get these fast reference curves extremely useful.

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How do you measure straight on a wall?

Just like a measuring tape, perfectly measuring a long straight surface is hard. However, if you keep arm relatively firm, walking with some care from one end to the other, the result is surprisingly precise and consistent with what you would get from a measuring tape. We are also working on ways to make this experience even easier.

Capturing curves ready to CAD



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