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Nissan MISMO: the first smartwatch concept to communicate with a car

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To quickly cover the basics, the Nissan Nismo Smart Watch is a seamlessly designed piece that connects to drivers’ smartphones via Bluetooth technology. The watch actively monitors a number of automotive and bio metrics, including speed averages, fuel consumption habits, and heart rate.

Designed specifically with the performance-oriented track driver in mind, the Nissan Nismo Smart Watch provides real-time data that paints of picture of how race metrics and the human response are integrated.

This type of information is difficult to obtain apart from the advanced data collection tools used by professional race teams. In this way, the Nissan Nismo Smart Watch is a practical solution that allows performance enthusiasts at every level to understand how to better drive their car.

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Much like a traditional smart watch, the Nissan Nismo Watch allows users to access weather conditions and share content with social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This way no adverse weather ever catches you by surprise and the ocular proof that you hit top speed at the track is never more than a click away.

While Nissan’s new wearable technology is currently in a concept phase, the watch’s release seems more than inevitable. As more information becomes available, stay up-to-date on all things Nissan Nismo Smart Watch with the Continental Nissan blog.