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Acoustics is a key science in automotive, not only aiming at reducing sound levels but shaping all the sounds in a vehicle, improving comfort and creating a unique consumer experience.

  • Explore how to analyze and develop vehicle acoustic attributes to create an acoustic signature for your brand.
  • Discover how to deliver the right sound that reaches your clients.
  • Take the next step to optimize the sound, from comodo and rotating element noises such as starter motors, through aerodynamic & road contact noises, to the essential sound of the engine.

Learn about ho to control the sound process

  • Characterize existing equipment
  • Specify how each interface should sound based on psycho acoustic criteria
  • Modify product design according to root cause analysis.


LEA: the sound Lab for industry

The signal analysis, sound design and psychoacoustics software package for acousticians.

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Boost your sound design with a time-frequency sculpting tool

LEA’s graphic representations provide you with simple yet powerful tools for altering sound characteristics with just a click of the mouse.

A full suite of analysis tools…

LEA is built with ground-breaking algorithms developed in partnership with the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research). It is the leading tool for the analysis of physical sound characteristics.

… focusing on auditory perception

With LEA, play back the sound you are working on in 3D, at any stage in the process, and calculate its psychoacoustic parameters.

The gate to unique applications

LEA offers linkes to 2 major automobile oriented software modules:

ASD Designer: Design engine sounds and generate additional sounds using the audio system of the vehicle

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geneCARS: Interactive sound simulation for Driving Simulators, human factor studies, and NVH purposes

Powerful, intuitive and user-friendly

Reduce the time spent in sound studies with the power of LEA and its user-friendly interface. Install it on a laptop to provide a field-based recording, analysis, and playback system to use with your customers.

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Gene Cars: Car Sound Simulator


  • Car simulators
  • Virtual reality platforms
  • Sound quality studies

geneCARS is an advanced real-time audio synthesis tool for the generation of car-related sounds: powertrain, aerodynamic and rolling noises, screeching wheels, traffic and starter.
3D real-time processing allows 3D audio rendering of each sound source.
geneCARS is specially designed to receive data through a network and to be integrated within driving simulators and virtual reality platforms. Its sound database is open, meaning that customized car-related sounds can be created.

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Two key technologies Real-time audio synthesis

The real-time synthesis technique consists in separating sound sources and generating them in real-time with algorithms. When the driving conditions are changing, the algorithm for each sound source perfectly follows the new conditions and each sound source can be controlled separately. The powertrain source is controlled by the rpm and a percentage of charge linked to the couple, while aerodynamic and rolling noise is controlled by the speed of the car.

3D Sound

A set of techniques is processed to give sounds a 3-dimensional perception around the listener. Each fixed or moving source can be processed separately according to spatialization requirements such as localization, immersion or externalisation.

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geneCARS features

  • Interactivity and 3D sounds for unrivalled realistic sound rendering
  • geneCARS generates the following sounds:
    – Powertrain partials and noise
    – Aerodynamic and rolling noise
    – Traffic noise with Doppler effects
    – Screeching tyres
    – Starter
  • geneCARS takes into account various factors that affect engine, aerodynamic and rolling noise, such as:
    – Engine RPM
    – Car speed
    – Load
  • Each synthesized source can be controlled separately
  • An additional wav player is supplied to play additional sampled sounds: hazard lights, indicators, etc
  • Customized sounds or effects can be added:
    – Shocks, impacts
    – Air conditioning
    – Tunnel effect
    – Noise generated by different road surfaces
  • An open sound data set: geneCARS is able to use your own models to run synthesis parameters separately
  • 3D audio rendering is available with 4 loudspeakers and 1 subwoofer
  • SCANeR II compatible
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geneCARS architecture

geneCARS software is installed in an audio PC that is equipped with an 8-channel professional sound card and is connected to the simulation supervisor via an Ethernet link. It can also be implemented on an independent PC integrating a dynamic car model and driver controls (steering wheel and pedals).
Synthesis data is loaded at the start-up of the geneCARS program from information included in a configuration file.
geneCARS shares the simulation parameters (RPM, car speed, load, key/starter position, traffic information, etc.) transmitted through a dedicated network. These parameters
are sent to real-time generators in order to synthesize the sound sources.
geneCARS then generates car sounds according to the received data, applies 3D processing and mixes the sounds to send them to the sound card output.
For any specific simulation supervisor protocol, GENESIS can supply a specifically designed compatible conversion interface.

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GENESIS audio simulators

GENESIS is a high-technology company whose core business is high-performance 3D audio simulators and sound quality tools & expertise.
GENESIS real-time audio simulators are used for industrial or military applications that require a realistic and interactive soundscape, with an accurate sound reproduction.
Examples include:

  • Training simulators: helicopter flight simulators, car simulators, training facilities for sonar operators, etc.
  • Simulators for research and study purposes : car simulators for multisensory analysis tests, virtual aeroplane cockpit to study ergonomy, train coach simulation tool for studying passenger sound comfort, etc.
  • Virtual reality platforms

Synthesis data

geneCARS is delivered with one car data package. Synthesis data is made up of the following parameters:

  • Engine partials:
    • Level of partials as a function of engine speed
      Frequency of partials as a function of engine speed
  • Engine noise:
    • Bark band levels
  • Function for the variation in the level of engine partials:
    • Partials gain as a function of speed pedal load
  • Aerodynamic Noise:
    • Bark band level as a function of car speed
  • Rolling noise:
    • Bark band level as a function of car speed
  • Starter noise:
    • WAV-format file of starter noise
    • Cross-fade between the different starting phases
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If needed, GENESIS can supply customized synthesis data from sound recordings or data sets. You can also convert your own synthesis data into geneCARS format with the optional Data Set Converter.

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More from OPTIS: Scan reality


Like the aspect of this object?  Capture the material signature as fast as taking a picture!  Simply press the button of the OMS2 and wait merely seconds:  you can now apply your material anywhere in your design.  OPTIS’ high-quality virtual samples are the only way of getting a true-to-life virtual prototype.

The Mercedes Benz F 015 Luxury In Motion Environmental Hmis

OPTIS is the first and only editor who creates a system to measure and directly assign measured materials inside your virtual mockup.  This physics-based precision replaces the need for physical prototypes with accurate virtual prototypes, on which you can easily make the right decision.  You can capture a world of possibilities:  leather, wood, plastics, brushed metals, luminescent and iridescent materials… The OMS2 provides you with high performance measurement, freeing you from making dedicated material samples, searching for manufacturers references and creating shaders.  This is the quickest and easiest solution to measure the intricacy of materials on any object.

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Unleash your creativity

You can apply the materials directly into OPTIS solutions to get an accurate visualization of your product. See the impact of the materials on the appearance of your product and how it will look under any lighting conditions. Let your imagination speak and create the most emotional designs, to perform fast design reviews and make the best decisions. Easily share all your data with your teams and reuse them for any design.

OMS2 quick facts

  • Materials measurements (BRDF)
  • Lights measurements (OLED, displays)
  • High-speed & highly accurate measurements
  • Handheld, lightweight and compact
  • Compatible with all OPTIS software
  • In-situ measurements
  • High dynamics sensor
  • USB low energy consumption
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More from OPTIS: Rear Lamp Simulator

The range of OPTIS products evolves to better accompany its clients in their projects. New parameters, new functionalities, are all criteria on which the company works every day to make as concrete as possible the industrial projects of tomorrow. For this, the challenge is to completely eliminate the physical prototyping that is both expensive in time and money. How? By preferring ultra-realistic virtual models.

Today we propose you to discover through a short video that it is now possible to change different parameters in the mirrors – of a rear lamp – and to preview the rendering while knowing if the final result falls within the standards.



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