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PERGAMON – Pervasive serious games supported by Virtual Coaching

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The PERGAMON project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme, aims to support the creative industries in the adoption of a technology framework for the creation of pervasive serious games. As an example of application of the framework, the project has developed a prototype of a serious game for adolescents with Type 1 diabetes.

The innovative aspects related to pervasive games include:


Games can be applicable in a range of contexts that require a stimulating and engaging learning environment, in which player actions can be monitored and just in time support can be provided to daily operations. PERGAMON can be used to develop serious games in many different sectors. For example: wellness & healthcare, technical & vocational training, soft skills and sales training.

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The framework allows games to be developed that draw real world data about the player and their habits and actions and present these within a personalised experience.

Support in daily activities

The PERGAMON system will also support players in their everyday lives through the use of a Virtual Coach that will offer advice based on real world data collected and their input into the serious games.

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Gamification of daily activities

Positive real world behaviours will be encouraged by PERGAMON through the use of reinforcement messages (points, badges etc) delivered through as part of the holistic games experience


PERGAMON is developing a software application called “Tako Game” that aims to support youths in the management of Type 1 Diabetes. The Tako Game is built on the following components:

  • an adventure game set in a fantasy world of little “Takos” (octopus in Japanese), with seven embedded mini-games that teach essential skills for diabetes management
  • a sensor network for monitoring the player by means of wireless sensors
  • a virtual coach delivering personalized assistance to the player in the real life
  • a gamification layer that adapts the challenges presented in the game and their level of difficulty to the data collected by the sensor network and to the user’s interaction with the game itself
  • a series of utilities (dashboard) accessible through a web site.
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The Tako game is available as an Android app and as a web application.

The Partners

  1. European Commision – web
  2. Grifo multimedia – web
  3. University of Twente – web

  4. Ai Solve – web

  5. Coventry University – web

  6. Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei – web



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