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AxonVR is now HaptX, announces first haptic gloves to deliver realistic touch in virtual reality

Haptic device for for enterprise and entertainment users


HaptX Gloves

HaptX Gloves bring touch to virtual reality with unprecedented realism. They feature HaptX’s patented microfluidic technology, which physically displaces the skin the same way a real object would when touched, closely replicating its texture, shape, and movement.

In addition to featuring over 100 points of high-displacement tactile feedback, HaptX Gloves provide up to five pounds of resistive force feedback per finger, enabling users to feel size, weight, and impact in virtual reality. HaptX Gloves use a proprietary motion tracking solution with sub-millimeter precision. This allows users to manipulate their hand with unparalleled accuracy.

HaptX Gloves are an industrial-grade tool, created specifically for enterprise and entertainment users who require a higher degree of realism than today’s VR controllers can deliver. HaptX Gloves will ship to select customers in 2018. Businesses can learn more at
Media Kit images show fully-featured HaptX Glove prototype.



Microfluidic smart textile

HaptX technology, silicone-based smart textile contains an array of high-displacement pneumatic actuators and embedded microfluidic air channels. The actuators provide haptic feedback by pushing against the user’s skin, displacing it the same way a real object would when touched. High-performance, miniature valves accurately control the pressure of each actuator to create a virtually infinite variety of sensations—texture, size, shape, movement, and more. An optional second layer of microchannels can add temperature feedback by delivering variations of hot and cold water.

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HaptX’s smart textile technology sets a new benchmark for haptic feedback performance. It delivers an unprecedented combination of high actuator density, displacement, and bandwidth in an incredibly light and thin package.

HaptX can produce actuator arrays of almost any shape and density, with a thickness of less than two millimeters. HaptX can integrate its microfluidic technology into a variety of textile and wearable products.

Lightweight exoskeleton

HaptX’s lightweight force-feedback exoskeleton is powered by the same microfluidic actuation technology as our skin. HaptX’s high-power-density, microfluidic actuators enable the ultra-lightweight hand exoskeleton in our HaptX Gloves to apply up to five pounds of resistance to each finger. These resistive forces complement the haptic feedback produced by the smart textile, enhancing the perception of size, shape, and weight of virtual objects.

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Industrial-grade motion tracking

Industrial-grade haptics require industrial-grade motion tracking. Our software must know exactly where a user’s body is positioned in space to render convincing haptic interactions. Hands are particularly challenging because of their dexterity and small size.

HaptX’s custom magnetic motion tracking and hand simulation solution delivers sub-millimeter accuracy hand tracking with six degrees of freedom per finger and no occlusion. Our software automatically generates a physically-accurate hand model based on tracking data. No coding required.


Press release

SEATTLE, WA, November 20, 2017 – HaptX Inc., formerly AxonVR Corporation, announced today its first product, HaptX Gloves, the world’s only haptic wearable to bring realistic touch and force feedback to virtual reality.

“HaptX Gloves are the result of years of research and development in haptic technology,” said Jake Rubin, Founder and CEO, HaptX Inc. “What really sets HaptX Gloves apart is the unprecedented realism they deliver. Our patented microfluidic technology physically displaces the skin the same way a real object would when touched, closely replicating its texture, shape, and movement.”

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HaptX Gloves feature over 100 points of high-displacement tactile feedback, up to five pounds of resistance per finger, and sub-millimeter precision motion tracking.

“We’ve reviewed the wearable haptic solutions out there, and the HaptX prototype provides the most realistic feedback by far,” said Dr. Jeremy Fishel, Chief Technology Officer of SynTouch, the leading tactile evaluation company. “HaptX marks a fundamental breakthrough in our industry’s ability to simulate touch.”

“Enterprise and entertainment users require a higher level of immersion than today’s VR controllers can deliver,” said Joe Michaels, Chief Revenue Officer at HaptX. “HaptX Gloves will allow our customers to get more out of their VR applications—whether they’re administering virtual training, designing three-dimensional objects, or developing a VR game.”

The announcement of HaptX Gloves comes as the company rebrands as HaptX Inc. “This name change reflects our company’s dedication to delivering realistic touch through advanced haptic technology,” added Rubin. “HaptX Gloves are a huge step toward our long-term goal to deliver a full-body haptic platform, ushering in a world where virtual reality is indistinguishable from real life.”

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HaptX Gloves will ship to select customers in 2018. Businesses can learn more at

About HaptX Inc.

Founded in 2012 by Jake Rubin and Dr. Robert Crockett, HaptX brings virtual worlds to life through the power of realistic touch. A venture-backed startup, HaptX has raised over $9 million and has 32 employees, with offices in Seattle, WA and San Luis Obispo, CA.


“After using HaptX Gloves, I can’t imagine immersive entertainment without them.”
Marcie Jastrow, SVP Immersive Media, Head of The Technicolor Experience Center

Booz Allen Hamilton
“Immersive technologies like HaptX are positioned to truly change the way our Armed Forces train for missions. We are excited to see the way HaptX and these other technologies helps our war fighters train faster, better, and smarter.”
Jarid Cottrell, Principle, Senior Director of R&D

“The Holodeck may be science fiction, but thanks to HaptX technology and NVIDIA’s innovation, we’re getting closer to making it a reality.”

Two Bit Circus
“HaptX is the most promising haptic technology I’ve seen.”
Brent Bushnell, Founder & CEO

Ford Immersive Vehicle Environment Interactive Industrial Design

SynTouch (Leading tactile evaluation company)
“We’ve reviewed the wearable haptic solutions out there, and the HaptX Glove prototype provides the most realistic feedback by far.”
Dr. Jeremy Fishel, Co-Founder & CEO

The Verge
“A haptic system that’s frankly pretty awesome… The result, when paired with visual suggestions from a headset, is a highly precise imitation of a real object. For an apple, you’ll get a round, even pressure. The corner of a small block will poke at a specific point. When the deer lands on your palm, you can feel each of its tiny hooves.”

IEEE Spectrum
“[HaptX] reminded me that technology can be absolutely magical… The touch sensation is presented with such precision and specificity that I’m tempted to say that imagination isn’t even necessary. Saying that [they’ve] come up with a convincing simulation would be underselling what the HaptX experience is like.”


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