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Samsung Gear VR Face Padding


Product Description

Is the Gear VR Face Padding washable?

Yes! Our microfleece Samsung Gear VR face pad is machine washable. Wash with cold water and use minimal detergent on a slow spin cycle, then let the pad(s) air dry (do not put them in a dryer).

Detergents with heavy chemicals can break down the pad much faster, so use organic or hypoallergenic detergent with little to no chemicals.

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How to replace the original Gear VR face pad with my new face pad?

  1. Remove the original face pad by pulling it off of the device. Don’t worry, it’s attached by Velcro and will
    come off easy.
  2. Take your new face pad and line up the nose pieces to the Velcro on the device.
  3. Press the two nose pieces down and then follow along the bottom pressing the pad down, then around
    the sides and along the top.
  4. That’s it! Strap on that Gear VR and enjoy the comfort of your new pad!
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I have sensitive skin. Will this pad irritate my skin like the original face pad does?

We use a softer microfleece and different manufacturing process to reduce the chance of skin irritation. We have received feedback from customers who have sensitive skin saying that our Gear VR face pads were much more comfortable and did not irritate their skin. We have not had a single customer complain of skin irritation. That said, everyone’s skin sensitivity is different and that needs to be taken into consideration if you have very sensitive skin.

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Additional Information

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 9.5 x 3.65 x 0.75 in





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