Immerse VR Platform

Immerse VR platform technology enables scalable, accessible and cost-effective creation, distribution and tracking of collaborative VR and 3D browser experiences.

What is the Immerse VR Platform?

Immerse cloud-based technology gives businesses an accessible way to create their own VR scenarios, which can then be shared for use by multiple people in both VR headsets and browsers. All interactions can be tracked for analysis for future improvement.

How does it work?

The Immerse VR platform is a combination of a Unity-based SDK, web-based application,
multiplayer server, messaging API and WebRTC voice service.

A flexible, extensible model

Immerse offers a flexible development model for enterprise and industry.

Immerse SDK can be used to build your own VR scenarios in-house, and even outsource to third parties where required. Your assets can then be easily uploaded to the Immerse platform and distributed across your user base.

Users are able to create their own individual and centralized VR/3D app store, providing simple, safe and targeted internal distribution.

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Immerse’s platform also powers integrated experiences, combining tools such as webcam, video and document sharing.

Case Study – Training Tool

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