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Light. Camera. All of Your Action!

As avid runners, we relish the good vibes that come from a great run. Truly, running fuels our passion. And it is that passion that provided the inspiration for a technology that will transform those magical moments pounding the pavement or chasing the trail into an experience that will live on forever.

The Convertible HDL is a comfortable, convenient, cost-effective – and “cool” according to our founder Mike Haedrich – way for runners to capture and share their most memorable runs.

“Anyone who runs on even a semi-regular basis has stories about those rave runs,” Mike says. “About the sun setting at an incredible angle and lighting up the sky, about a breathtakingly beautiful trail far off the beaten path, or about some crazy occurrence that is beyond simple explanation. Our initial vision was to create a device that could capture all of these and more.”

Introducing the Convertible HDL, a new technology designed for runners by runners.
Introducing the Convertible HDL, a new technology designed for runners by runners.

The result is the Convertible HDL. A headband that converts to a skull cap, the device also carries a high definition camera and an LED headlamp that can illuminate even the darkest of runs. While wearable lights and cameras are not new, the Convertible HDL brings the devices together in an easy to use, comfortable to wear package.

“We have put our everything into the development of the Convertible HDL,” says Jean Haedrich, Mike’s wife and a key member of the development team. “We have taken feedback from runners across the country to be sure it addresses an unmet need in the running community.”.

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Meeting the Need

Those who run share a special connection with nature. Whether early in the morning, mid-day or in the evening, the act of running is experiential. From the feedback provided by our bodies to the sensory experience of being immersed in all that is around us, it is only natural to develop a device that takes in our environs and allows us to share it with the world.

What runners also share is a bond with one another. It is easy to strike up a conversation with someone who shares your passion for testing your limits and accumulating mileage. But what if you could go beyond the chit-chat and show them a clip of your start at Boston, or your trail run at Big Sur, or your surreal experience of getting in maintenance miles on the Great Wall of China?

Those are the experiences the Convertible HDL is designed to capture.

No more fumbling with the phone. No more breaking stride to capture a “once in a lifetime” scene. No more clunky get ups to try to retrofit the current cameras on the market to the unique needs of the running community.

Introducing the Convertible HDL

The Convertible HDL offers three distinct features, each designed with the runner in mind:

  • Convertible: This is the lightweight, moisture wicking, fashionable headband that converts to a skull cap. Perfect for any climate, it is the Convertible that is the base of our new technology.
  • HD: The camera allows you to capture your run in FHD (1920×1280) or HD (1280×720) format with still photo capability. In addition to video, you can take photos using single shot, burst mode, or time-lapse mode. In addition, the camera carries a GPS, altimeter, and accelerometer to capture all the vital statistics from your run.
  • L: The headlamp shines at more than 400 lumens, ensuring your path is clearly lit, during even the darkest runs. This high-powered light also makes it possible to catch clean video during dawn, dusk and nighttime runs – something no wearable camera offers.
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All of the tech features – including the video camera, still camera and high-powered light – feature voice activation/recognition and are controlled with an easy-to-use app on your smartphone. Full analysis of your run and real-time data is collected from the on-board GPS and altimeter.

WATCH: View Your Runs on the Treadmill!

Intrigued? Read on as we get in-depth with the features and benefits of the Convertible HDL!

For Runners By Runners: The Features

With the Convertible HDL you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience. You can capture your run in Full HD (1920×1280) or Standard HD (1280×720) format. Additionally, you have access to still photography using single shot, burst mode, or time-lapse mode. Controlling the camera through the app has been engineered to ensure it is simple and easy – even when you are running – by using the built-in voice command function.

  • Recording your Run: To ensure you never run out of battery life, simply enter your estimated run time and the app will recommend the proper camera settings. Feel confident your camera will capture every exciting moment. Whether it’s a 30 minute or 3 hour run, the smart camera and app will have your covered. Want to compress that 3 hour run into a 3 minute, engaging Facebook video? Not a problem with the sleek, editing tools provided with the app. The editing slider tool not only compresses the video, but also removes any bounce to provide a smooth, fun to watch video.
  • Voice Commands: Our voice recognition is amazing and allows you to control the headlamp and camera with your voice. If you know how to talk to Siri or say “Hey Google” then you can control the Convertible HDL. We’ve made it incredibly easy, so you can focus your efforts on making the most of your miles.

Blasting out more than 400 lumens, the Convertible HDL clearly lights your path ahead. Additionally, the app allows you to customize the brightness to meet your needs in any condition, while ensuring battery life is conserved to last throughout your run time.

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While the high-powered light is designed primarily to ensure a safe run on a well-lit path – even in the depths of the forest or in the middle of the night – it also allows for something novel: quality video captured in low-light environments.

In fact, the app allows you to choose your light settings from one of four pre-sets:

  • Urban (well-lit environment)
  • Suburban (marginally-lit environment)
  • Rural (low-lit environment)
  • Trail (minimally-lit environment)
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This means that where other action cameras fail (they are really poor at night time filming) the Convertible HDL excels. Now, bring on those night time and early morning runs!

Not just a headband, but so much more than only a skullcap, the Convertible HDL features high quality sweat-wicking material that is lightweight and as comfortable in the warmer months as it is in the cooler. Not to mention, it looks GREAT! The Convertible HDL smart module is a feather light 3.0 ounces including headlamp, camera and microphone. It’s an amazing piece of technology fused with high quality and stylish running gear (in one very affordable package!)

Light-weight, good looking and technologically advanced. The Convertible HDL will change the way you make memories while logging your miles!
Light-weight, good looking and technologically advanced. The Convertible HDL will change the way you make memories while logging your miles!

WATCH: Convertible Headband/Skullcap Demo

Change Your View

Runners have struggled for years to find a wearable that is comfortable and easy to use. Believe us, we know firsthand.

“I think I’ve tried everything that is out there,” Mike says. “But my first run with the prototype of the Convertible HDL convinced me that we had developed something incredible, specifically for runners. We can’t wait to get into full production and witness the growth in use. I may be as excited about seeing runs from others as I am about sharing my own.”

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“We are well aware that the Convertible HDL carves out a well-needed niche in the market,” Jean says. “As such, we are happy to reward our early adopters with deep discounts during the Kickstarter campaign to get our product into the running community.”

With the support of runners like you, we are excited to see the Convertible HDL go into full production and change the way we relive our runs!

Reward Levels

Our Team

The efforts of some of the brightest minds in apparel design, app development, and product development have joined forces with Mike and Jean to develop the Convertible HDL. The synergy of the group made the decision to launch this campaign an easy one and made clear that this is a product that the market not only wants but needs.

The Convertible HDL Stretch Goals

You stand to benefit from us exceeding our funding goal! We have these awesome enhancements planned as stretch goal levels. Remember to share this campaign – and the fact that YOU have supported it – with your friends, family and all over social media!

The Convertible HDL Development Plan

From vision to development of a prototype, we have made a large investment in bringing the Convertible HDL to this point. Your support will make it possible to finalize testing and packaging, further develop the app, and push the Convertible HDL into manufacturing.

The Convertible HDL Fulfillment Timeline


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