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INTRVL BAND: 20 Minute Life-Changing Workouts

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Ditch the old notion of hour-long workouts. Science shows that quick, intense periods of exercise are more effective at burning fat and calories.

Introducing the INTRVL BAND – the personal training band with programmed interval timing functions to optimize any and all of your exercise routines. This isn’t a $300 health tracker – it’s a personal trainer.

Starting at only $35.


  • LED Display
  • In-Band Vibration Motor for Period Stop/Start Signaling
  • 4-Day Battery Life
  • 2 Hour Charge Time
  • Silicon Adjustable Strap
  • Easy Tap “GO” button
  • Round Counter, Stage, and Battery Indicators
  • Direct Plug USB Charging
  • Water Resistant (Sweat-Proof Only)
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty



“Not only will your body burn more calories during high-Intensity Interval workouts but you will also continue to burn more calories and fat in the 24 hours after a workout.”- Kurt Hester, TD1 National Director of Performance, Mens Fitness


“Short rest periods also cause other muscle-building bonuses like increased lactate production and blood flow to the targeted muscles” -Kraemer, 1997; Kraemer et al, 1987


” [A] study showed a 7% increase in squat strength after 5 weeks of training with 3 minute rest periods.”- Kraemer


“…these quick-but-killer efforts may be the closest thing you’ll find to a magic calorie-burning bullet. You not only log less sweat time (which is kinder to your body) but also continue to incinerate calories at an increased rate even during the walking or jogging recovery periods.”- Westcott

25K – Hit this goal, and we’ve unlocked the above listed colors! Choose the color of your choice when filling out our post-campaign survey.

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50K – Hit this goal, and we’ve unlocked adding bands! Pledge an extra $10 and you can add additional bands to your order in any color! This means bands only, no extra units included. Add this contrasting band to customize your look!

100K – Hit this goal, and we’ve unlocked the swappable watch face unit! Pledge an extra $15, and you’ll receive your original Intrvl Band, PLUS an additional unit for after the gym – featuring a larger LED Screen with time function – just remove the old unit and swap in the new whenever you leave the gym

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