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Rotate&Tap™ Patent Pending Technology

Simplicity is the key to a great sports watch. That’s why Swimmo has no buttons at all. When training with Swimmo, you can enjoy a wide range of capabilities by using two simple gestures. It’s really easy to use. Just take a look at this video:


What is your goal in swimming? Strength, health, better body shape? Coaching yourself to reach it can be a challenge. Runners and bikers all have these mobile applications to track their workouts but having your phone with you is not an option in the pool. That’s why we created Swimmo.

Swimmo tracks your swim workout, motivates and communicates with you under water. It is like a friendly personal trainer. With Swimmo you swim smarter and you are focused on the goal. There’s no better way to get in shape and improve your strength while swimming.This way you can make real progress and look better in no time. Join our campaign – preorder Swimmo today!

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  • First ever smartwatch designed specifically for swimming.
  • Your own personal trainer to keep you on track and motivated while swimming.
  • Swimmo monitors your swim in the pool and open water.
  • Packed with smart training features like IntensityCoach™ and PaceKeeper™.
  • A continous heart rate monitor with color OLED display that is 100% water proof.
  • Features unique Rotate&Tap™ patent pending technology to control the watch with two simple gestures. No buttons at all.
  • Syncs with the free iOS and Android app after each workout through Bluetooth Smart.
  • Compatible with popular fitness apps such as Strava, RunKeeper,  HealthKit and others.
  • Supports yards as well as meters.

Swimmo monitors your swim in real-time and provides immediate feedback. Swimmo helps you maximize the time you spend training and reach better results faster. Users will improve their strength by exercising at the right intensity. Swimmo will alert you with vibrations when it’s time to speed up or slow down. Preorder Swimmo!

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Monitor Your Swim Workout

  • Distance Tracking. With Swimmo loosing count of your laps is a thing of the past. Know your distance in laps, yards or meters (read more about swimming auto lap counter & distance tracker).
  • Smart Calories. Swimmo measures the calories you’ve burned with very high accuracy based on your effort.
  • Swimming Pace/Speed. Get to know how fast you swam in a whole workout and within every single lap.
  • Heart Rate Monitor. Swimmo monitors continously your heart rate straight from your wrist.
  • Time/duration of swimming. Track how long you trained for.

Swim with IntensityCoach™ and PaceKeeper™

With Swimmo you no longer need to pause your workout to analyze your current performance. The smartwatch will inform you when you need to speed up or slow down through vibrations. Swimmo makes sure that your speed or intensity is always just right. With PaceKeeper™ and IntensityCoach™ you have full control over your training.

photos of first pre-production products
photos of first pre-production products
  • PaceKeeper™ – Push yourself when your swimming pace has slowed. Swimmo will vibrate to let you know if you fall below or exceed proper pace range.
  • IntensityCoach™ – To make the most of your activity, you should exercise at the proper intensity. Not too low and not too high. Swimmo will help you stay in the proper heart rate zone.
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Preorder Swimmo today!

Set Goals to Swim with the Training Guidance

Set your goal for the next swim workout. Simply choose the number of calories you would like to burn, distance to swim or just duration of swimming.

Swimmo will remember your choice. During swimming you will see how far you are towards your goal. You will be alerted about the progress with vibrations after achieving every quarter of your goal.

Burn Fat Faster by Swimming Smarter

Set to stay in the “fat burn” heart rate zone to burn up to 85% energy from fat. Reach your perfect weight easily. It’s our ShapeKeeper™ which makes fat loss by swimming a lot easier.

Beat Your Personal Bests & Challenge Others

Track you best times and personal records. Swimmo will notify you the moment you beat them.

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Swimmo makes swimming more social. Compete with your friends or people nearby. Share your results on Facebook or Twitter and challenge your buddies to beat your bests. There’s nothing better than friendly competition to keep you motivated.

More Than a Standard Smartwatch

Unlike many smartwatches, Swimmo’s basic features can be accessed without having to pair with a phone at all. When you will pair it, simply set your Swimmo settings and leave the phone at home! Swimmo does not need to be close to your smartphone in order to work.

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After workout, your results wirelessly sync to your Apple or Android devices, so you can see how you performed in details. Swimmo comes with the free companion mobile app for both iOS and Android devices (iPhone 4S or later, Android phones with Bluetooth Smart/LE).

Your Swimming Log & Workout Analysis

In the mobile app you can also see a full summary of all your past results or look back at individual workouts. See comprehensive stats (swim log) and how your results change over time.

Syncs With Your Social & Fitness Site

You may already use other fitness tracking sites yet none of them really focus on swimming. Swimmo brings a new set of stats to an already existing ecosystem. Swimmo allows you to wirelessly sync your results to apps such as:

Open Water Mode, Pro Stats & Trainings (Upcoming Features)

Swimmo will constanly update itself with the newest features – it’s what we call Future Proof. When you use the mobile app, it will automatically check for the newest firmware. Our stretch goals include adding additional upcoming features:

  • Open Water Swim Mode (UNLOCKED) – take your Swimmo outside of the pool. Measure your performance while training in a lake, river or sea! Swimmo will learn from your previous trainings about stroke length and use an algorithm to extrapolate that in open water mode (similar like Nike+ in running). This will prevent GPS disconnection problems and result in more accurate measurements! In development we focused to make as best algorithm possible and focus on that in terms of quality, easy to use, etc. We expect more than 85% accuracy with that, far more than with GPS module and its disconnection problems.
  • Pro Stats (UNLOCKED) – additional, more sophisticated stats like stroke details and swolf (the time and number of strokes it takes to swim a pool length).
  • Pro Interval Training (STRETCH $250K) – improve your body shape and strength even more effectively with this advanced mode! Swimmo will allow you to set up your interval training plan.

Meters & Yards + In Your Language

Swimmo supports every time zone as well as both yards and meters.
It’s fully localized and available in the following languages:

Out of the Water

Packed with features for swimming, Swimmo makes for an elegant sport watch when worn outside the pool. It has basic watch functions. You can see time, date and day of the week.


We prefer to refer to Swimmo as water-oriented since water proof capabilities were such an integral part of our design philosophy. The typical smartwatch has a touchscreen display, mechanical input methods (multiple buttons, crowns), basic sensors and some apps. However, these watches are rendered useless as soon as they are placed in water.

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There are several challenges associated with creating an effective water proof device. Standard touchscreens don’t work, sound notifications are not an option, looking at a screen mid workout doesn’t sound like fun. Swimmo solves all these problems and then some.



Swimmo’s intuitive navigation means that all your workout features are just Rotate&Tap™ away. Water does not interfere with this technology. It works just like expected. It’s patent pending.

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Continous Heart Rate Optical Sensor

Our advanced heart rate sensor is an essential part of Swimmo’s tracking system and is much more comfortable than standard chest-based heart rate monitors. Swimmo is not only a smart swim watch, it’s also swimming heart rate monitor.

Colorful Intuitive Interface That Adapts To You

Swimmo comes with gorgeous color OLED display. At 1.29-inch screen you will see the details under water without trouble. Our intuitive screens adapt to your needs – you select what is important for you and goals to pursue.

photos of first pre-production products
photos of first pre-production products

Simple Charging

We expect amazing 5 to 7 days of normal use between charges. Charging Swimmo takes up to 1,5-2 hours and is just as easy as using Swimmo. Simply use the included charging clip with USB cable and you are good to go. Chargining takes place by contacts/pogopins. It’s similar technology as in Pebble.

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Sleek Look

Anything that you decide to wear with Swimmo will look and feel great. We spent a lot of time on Swimmo’s aesthetics so that the smart watch will look sleek and fashionable in and outside of the pool.

Comfortable Fit

Swimmo’s adjustable band with a clip fits comfortably on any wrist. The smartwatches’ buckle is made of high-quality polymer that is anti-allergic and won’t chafe the skin after long sessions at the pool.




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