SHOWin3D converts CAD files to 4K real time immersive virtual reality experiences

From an Italian company the solution to the 4K Interactive Automotive Visualization


SHOWin3D Technology



Thanks to Shin Software the Alfa Romeo Mole supercar debuts at Parco Valentino. Built on a 4C basis, the Alfa Romeo Mole Costruzione Artigianale is the result of a collaboration between Adler Group and Umberto Palermo Design and expresses the sublime synthesis of design, power and technology.

To shape the aggressive lines of a car destined to be an icon of Parco Valentino 2018, the UP Design staff relied on Shin Software’s SHOWin3D technology, the platform made by Stefano Provenzano is able to directly import  and rendering in real time 4K resolution cad files, in way to produce immersive virtual reality experience.

“Among the companies that made this dream possible – says Umberto Palermo, CEO of Up Design – I want to mention Shin Software, a company of excellence that has created a real injection of innovative technology in our team. Before building a car you have to imagine it, see it and thanks to Stefano Provenzano and SHOWin3D we have been able to have a virtual design room to perform all the preliminary evaluations of prototyping of the design forms in immersive virtual reality with the possibility to update the geometries in real time”.



Shin Software is a software house founded in 2011 by Stefano Provenzano with the aim of bringing the emotional 3D graphics of the videogames world into business applications. Shin Software works closely with major manufacturing companies to produce 3D interactive presentations, product configurators, interactive catalogs and virtual manuals. Shin Software has developed SHOWin3D, an unique SaaS software platform, which allows any company or professional with simplicity, at low cost and in complete autonomy, to convert CAD files into stunning 3D interactive experiences suitable for the internet and mobile devices. Through this platform it is possible to release different types of interactive 3D applications that can be deployed offline, on the web or via mobile platforms.

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Alfa Romeo Mole Super Car
by Up Design


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