Vehicles data analytics and AI for “concept cars’ parts” and social networks


The key feature of fast data networks is the capability to transmit a massive amount of data in real time, so AI (artificial intelligence) and data analytics platforms can literally reshape our approach to the driving experience, supporting V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) technologies and in-car telemetry, making the latter sharable via 4G and 5G networks.

This approach to data management is positioning on the market applications that make possible to share car performances on social networks!

Jaguar ReRun app

I had the pleasure to work at Conjure Ltd taking part to the development of the Jaguar ReRun App as UX and VFX artist, putting my hands on a project where the in-car telemetry and infotainment system become sharable via social network.

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Via a GoPro camera mounted on the dashboard and linked to an iPhone by cable, the driving experience is fully recorded and visualised on the mobile device, matching the car’s telemetry data shared via Bluetooth  with a High Resolution video, on which the data analytics, including speed, throttle position, gear selection, braking force and g force, are overlapped and visualised by a slick and captivating HMI and they all are sharable as a video on social networks.

Michelin Track Connect

Michelin is part of this “innovations circus” having brought to the market Track Connect a Connected Tyre Solution to control the pressure and the temperature of the tyres in real time.

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Synaptiv AI

Data analytics and AI (artificial intelligence) have been fully integrated by Jaguar Land Rover on their vehicles, thanks to Synaptiv AI.

Synaptiv is backed by InMotion Ventures (a subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover) and it is a data analytics platform provider focused on generating value from connected car data. This rich dataset is supplied by the array of sensors embedded within current-generation and next-generation vehicles travelling on our roads and highways.

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Through the application of advanced data science techniques, Synaptiv transforms car data into unique and actionable insights, helping to reduce costs, develop a better understanding of driving experience and launch entirely new services into the marketplace.

Goodyear Oxygene

Moving our look a step forward, we can see how V2V tech and AI keep life in some concepts from Goodyear.  At the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, the tyres company unveiled Oxygene, a concept that claims to clean the air by inhaling CO2 from the air to feed the moss in its sidewall and release oxygen via photosynthesis.

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As declared by the firm, equipping all the tyres of a big town as Paris with Oxygene, the tyres could generate 3000 tons of oxygen absorbing at same time more than 4000 tons of carbon dioxide!

But this is not all: using LiFi for high capacity mobile connectivity at the speed of light, Oxygene enable V2V and V2I (vehicle to infrastructure) data exchange, critical to smart mobility systems.

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When the unpredictable becomes predictable! It is not an aphorism, but my consideration about the above technologies: high speed networks and AI to “predict” performances and customize social behaviours.

Raffaele Schiavullo
the authorRaffaele Schiavullo
ADMINISTRATOR - Senior 3D/Virtual Reality Specialist and Automotive HMI developer - Working in London and "insanely" passionate about technology and its creative applications


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