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The 6 best VR headsets under 100$: reviews, galleries and price list

A quick overview of the latest affordable VR headsets on the market



Moogles Mobile Vr Googles

£ 72 – buy on Moggles

The Moggles headset may look like a normal smartphone VR headset, but has a smart distinction: it folds neatly together to form a neat carrying bag that makes it portable – ideal for VR on the go or while you’re at it show something to your friends.

How much you actually want to travel with a VR headset – even with a smartphone – can of course vary. At least, the Moggles headset also has an attractive, sleek design – a rarity at the bottom of the market. Less unusual is the comfort. Like most cheap sets, you probably do not want to wear it too long before it starts logging in, but that’s true for most comparable budget VR sets.

Google Daydream View – Slate

£67 – buy on Amazon

Made of microfiber, various colors are available. Google’s Daydream View is the same as before. It is easy to become one of the most comfortable headphones available today. Moved by Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, the latest version of Daydream View comes in three attractive colors (including stunning coral colors) at $ 94.

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One of the biggest changes in the field of vision is to broaden the field of view (90 degrees to 100 degrees). This increases the immersion factor, which is equivalent to Gear VR. Google also constantly develops its content library with a powerful catalog of more than 200 games and applications. In order to increase the user base of the device, Google extended the directory of compatible phones. So, in addition to the original and current Pixel and Pixel XL, you can also add Daydream View with Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 +, Note 8, Huawei Mate 9, ZTE Axon 7, LG V 30, Motorola Moto Z, Z 2, ASUS ZenFone AR Can be used. Samsung Galaxy S 9 and S 9 +.

We are still waiting for the arrival of updates to the Android 8.0 driver for Daydream 2.0 Euphrates, Daydream platform. It makes it easier to discover the content by introducing a plan list on the home screen. This update also supports Google Cast, so you can now share VR content on a nearby TV. You can also use a new VR window manager that allows users to interact with smartphone notifications with VR.

Bnext VR Headset

£ 30 – buy on Amazon

The new model of VR Glasses manufactured by Bnext Systems. It works with a cellphone: download an application or a movie, afterwards slide the phone into the glasses, and then enjoy an extreme Virtual Reality experience! By using the glasses, you can play Virtual Reality games, watch Virtual Reality movies, and participate in virtual interactions with other people.

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The Headset accepts cellphones in the range of 4-6 inches (all standard devices) which have a gyroscope (almost all have one). The new model keeps phones with side-buttons, in place and undisturbed, via stabilizing pads and a centering ruler.

This virtual reality headset has several styles thanks to the red tint on the front panel of the device, but it is hard to say perfect. The design has a removable tray to hold the smartphone and it is a bit difficult to slide it for the first time. This device squeezes my nose and may cause discomfort after continuous use for several minutes.

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On the bright side, Bnext Vr headset is good at blocking external light. When I play the roller coaster VR, it provides a VR experience that you can pass and a previous window of the AR application. There is also a pair of toggles for adjusting each lens left and right or front and rear. But when you think of games, $ 40 is not worth it.

VR Elegiant

£ 21 – buy on Amazon

VR Elegiant is one of the best designs we tested. It is pretty ventilated at the front and top of the headphones, and a pad with a hole with a hole keeps it cool.

Individual focus adjustment for each eye is convenient, and removable magnetic front panel allows you to explore AR applications. Image quality, transparency, colors are outstanding. Compared with other people, the virtual reality game seems to be slightly expanded.

An exquisite headband is the most prominent feature of this headset. It has a top strap and a padded hat on the back. It fits snugly on the right side of the head, but for others it becomes very uncomfortable because you cannot adjust the hard part.

Gearsone VR headset

£ 18 – buy on Amazon

G1 is one of the heaviest units we tested, but their ease of use and comfortable wear makes them happy. These include all the features of a more expensive model such as adjusting the focal length, fitting the Velcro tape, filling the perforated form face fill, “action” button for enjoying interactive content.

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Since the lens has a 103-degree field of view, antireflection and anti-blue coating, the visual quality is very good. Due to the ventilation of the front panel, I used the headset for a long time, and there was a problem of heat.

As a disadvantage, it is difficult to set a good focus position because the focus slide adjuster is not in a good position. There are also several spacing problems that cause many light leaks.

Overall, this device is perfect for beginner VR fans in terms of low cost, comfort, and screen transparency.

Topmaxions 3D VR

£ 13 – buy on Amazon

Topmaxions is a simple and easy to use virtual reality headset. The design is simple and minimalist with small bubbles in the front to protect your face, but it is not enough to make it comfortable to wear it especially. As a bonus, a suction cup panel that holds the phone in place is on the front, part of the cover opens, and you can open the AR application camera.

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As a disadvantage, there is no way to adjust the focus, but fortunately, the visual quality when testing with Roller Coaster VR and 360-degree YouTube video is very good.

It is necessary to connect the headband on the back manually, but thanks to the design of the Velcro, it takes only a few seconds to complete. Overall, this is surprisingly powerful and compact VR headset, but I also saw decorations of other models, such as internal headphones and adjustable focal length.



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