August 2015

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Events, details and speakers

CES 2015: 3D Printing Carbon Fiber @make

BIMnet – LONDON September 14th @BIMnetwork UK’s leading BIM networking organisation

From Drone To Tractor – How using a precision farming #UAV improve crop management @sensefly

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More from Sense Fly: eXom Drone – Designing The Future presentation movie

How 3d printing enhances the architectural design process @StudioRED 

Easy Skin update 2 for #3DSMax from Ray Light Games

“WalkCar” is the world smallest electric vehicle, which can be brought in a bag @cocoamotors

Tulip Concept EV ultra-modern bike (trike?) by Ognyan Bozhilov

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HD images gallery with amazing details

The first 3D printed house is coming! @BI_Europe 

Digital Product Design at Harley Davidson

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PDF file about the production process

Plastic Industry Awards in London 9th October 2015 @plasticsawards 

ARABIAN HEROES #mobilegames for #android #iOS by Pixel Hunters @Pixelhunters1

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Let’s ruffle some feathers! Join the Arabian Heroes in their battle to save the world!

BQ Ciclop:3D scanner from a 100% #opensource project. Easy to use and to build! @bqreaders

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Live demo session and video building instructions

Roma Drone 2015 – Reportage @RomaDrone

“Johnson Controls” and the car seats of 2020 @CarDesignNews @johnsoncontrols

It is a baby buggy not a motorbike! @yankodesign

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HD Images gallery

Leap Motion 3D Jam 2nd annual global competition for developers#leapmotion @LeapMotion

#motionCapture by MEMS sensors,pattern recognition,human kinetics,wireless transmission from #siggraph2015

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Events, details and speakers

Advanced Global Illumination in Unity 5 – Unite Europe 2015 @unity3d

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About Pixelhunters: 3D animation and game development company

#DisneyAnimation and the #ScientificResearch at the back of the movies

Lily the cameras that follow you @lily

SUMO FPV an app to control by VR Headset your Parrot Jumping Sumo @ka010

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Jumping Sumo: “truly critical” review, Hands On and official presentation

MPC – Motion Graphics Talk by London ACM Siggraph August 20th 7PM @LondonSIGGRAPH

@Google launches #globalAugmentedReality @Ingress. Get details on how to play from experienced Agents

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Launch trailer and game play with Google Glasses

THE VOID @voidvr #immersiveEntertainment experience beyond every immagination by @unity3d

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#AxaShield huge online multiplayer AR game, to protect players “both in the physical and virtual worlds” @AXAUK @AXA

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About MP STUDIO: 3D mapping & visual effects company

@MicroPasts web platform for archaeology by @UCLarchaeology @britishmuseum @ahrcpress


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