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Arrow Drone – #3DPrinted #RacingDrone to race at 150 Km/h, equipped with GPS and #GoPro Camera…Cool!

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We developed the Arrow Drone – the game changing FPV Racing Drone. Become a part of the new popular extrem sport Drone Racing. Are you looking for ADRENALINE, FASCINATION OR COMPETITION? Then choose one of our packages with an unbeatable price tag.

What makes the Arrow Drone unique?

  • very userfriendly setup and handling, rigid and modular system
  • easy entrance for beginners, highest performance for pros
  • free video flight school (basic + advanced)
  • complete FPV Drone Sets available
  • customizable: spray your own camouflage and add icons
  • hardware upgrades
  • preconfigured hightech drone with guided and advanced flight mechanics
Parrot’s Newest Drone Has Wings: news from CES 2016

A detailed overview of the packages/rewards and further information are available below.Check the comment section for detailed specs!

Add your upgrade options after the end of the campaign.

This is the customized Arrow 200 for the next trailer. This will look so great with electronics and leds!

Arrow 200 customized
Arrow 200 customized

One of the professional printers we use for prototyping / manufacturing. The BIGREP ONE.

BIGREP ONE printing the Arrow Drone
BIGREP ONE printing the Arrow Drone


Risks and challenges

We are a team of experienced engineers and dedicated pilots. Our protoypes have gone through many iterations and are already showing excellent flight characteristics. The finetuning will be finished in January 2016. We will give a selection of backers the possiblity to test our prototypes in Berlin, Germany.

Like in any other technological project there can always be challenges, which we tried to reduce by making the frame modular. This allows us to supply components from different manufacturers and be flexible.

A combination of 3d printing and plastic moulding helps us to use the benefits of both manufacturing methods and optimize the frame for series production.

We plan to deliver the racing drones starting from April 2016.

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