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A group of Dallas based investors purchased TravelByDrone.com

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The acquiring team consists of three investors, led by Preston Ward.

The other investors are 03e.me and Diversion Capital. According to Ward, “TravelByDrone is a loyal community of drone enthusiasts that contribute content to the TravelByDrone map everyday.

While we are impressed by the ecosystem that Hiersemenzel has already created, we are working on new features and building on his accomplishments immediately. Our team is working on features to expand user profiles and improve user interaction.” Ward served on the real estate team at Dallas based private equity group Sowell & Co for the past two years, but departed last month to focus on TravelByDrone.

The TravelByDrone team reviews and approves videos based on a variety of factors. “Since launching, Hiersemenzel’s focus was on high quality drone video from the drone community. This will continue to be a central part of the TravelByDrone experience.” said Ward. With the exponential increase of recreational drones creating high quality content, TravelByDrone has established itself as a user driven method for organizing the flood of content.

The new TravelByDrone team recently completed a massive user interface overhaul, and although youtube videos often contain advertisements, Ward and team recently removed all advertisements from TravelByDrone itself to improve the user experience.

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