EyeSight: embedded computer vision solutions by Eye Tracking to enhance the driving experience and driver’s safety by HMI gestural control

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The embedded computer vision solutions Run Locally and In Real-Time to enhance the driving experience and driver’s safety by; reducing cognitive load, alerting driver when drowsiness or inattentiveness are detected, and adjusting the in-car environment to the detected driver’s preferences.

Using Deep learning and other machine learning tools; eyeSight’s automotive solutions address three main aspects of the driving experience:

  • Driver Awareness

    • Eyelid Tracking
    • Gaze Tracking
    • Head Pose Detection
    • Blink Rate & Velocity Tracking
  • Infotainment Control

    • Finger Tracking
    • Hand Tracking
    • Swipes
    • Universal Hand Signs
    • Transitions
  • Driver Identification

    • Driver Detection
    • Driver Recognition
    • Age
    • Gender

Driver Awareness

eyeSight’s sensing solutions for the in-car environment tracks the driver’s attention on the road, detecting when the driver is distracted or shows signs of drowsiness.


The technology detects distracted driving, for instance when the driver looks at their phone, infotainment screen for too long, or simply away from the road. By detecting the change in the driver’s eyes, gaze, and head position the in-car system can alert the driver to keep their eyes on the road.


The technology also detects drowsiness of a driver by tracking the eyes, gaze, and head position; when drowsy driving is detected an alert can be activated to wake the driver up.

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Control based on gaze trajectory

With advanced gaze detection, eyeSight enables contextual control based on the driver’s gaze trajectory, enabling seamless interactions with HUDs (head-up displays) and augmented reality windshields.


Infotainment control

eyeSight’s sensing solutions for the in-car environment provides an enhanced driving experience by offering simple touch-free interaction with the infotainment system both for main infotainment system and back seats.
Using very simple hand gestures and poses the driver and passengers can control the infotainment system without touching or looking at the screen, thus reducing cognitive load.

Driver Monitoring

Driver Detection
Detecting if a driver is present in the car or not.

Driver Recognition
The in-car environment can be adjusted to the detected driver setting the chair, mirrors and AC according to their tailored preferences.

In-car analytics
eyeSight’s technology can detect the age and gender of the driver. This information can be used for connected car analytics and IOT usages.

Solutions available


Sensor + Software Pack

This tailor designed solution for the in-car environment, pairs eyeSight’s computer vision software solution together with a tailor designed IR sensor which was created to deliver the most enhanced experience for the in-care environment.​

With the Turnkey Solution you can receive:

  • Infotainment control​
  • Driver awareness
  • Driver monitoring​
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Software pack

eyeSight’s computer vision software for the in-car environment can be used with a TOF (time of flight) sensor to deliver enhanced interaction for the driver and passengers in the car. ​

With the Software Solution you can receive:

  • Infotainment control​

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