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March 7/8 2017

London ExCel


The Wearable Technology Show is Europe’s biggest event for wearables, AR and VR, IoT and Connected Technology. Over 6,000 are expected to attend this year’s event – the fourth – to hear from some of the top names in wearables, digital health, AR/VR, and IOT.

The Wearable Technology Show is co-located with the AR, VR & MXR Show, Europe’s largest independent event for AR, VR and Mixed Reality, as well as IOT Connect – dedicated to the connected enterprise.
2017 will also see the launch of the Digital Health Technology Show, where delegates can see the future of healthcare and learn about the latest disruptive technology transforming the medical sector.

With over 200 speakers, the conference programme will deliver the most comprehensive, entertaining and inspiring programme of any technology show around. The Wearable Technology Show boasts ten conference tracks:

  • Wearable Disrupt
  • Performance Sports
  • AR, VR & MXR
  • Digital Health Keynote
  • Smart Textiles & Sensors
  • Smart Home & Connected Living
  • IoT Connect
  • IoT & Apps Developers
  • Innovation Showcase
  • Digital Health Innovation



Agenda 7th March – Day 1

Address & Welcome: Mark Sage, Executive Director, AREA

Opening Case Study: The Pokemon Go Effect

The Pokemon franchise is one of the most popular games of all time but what effect has it had overall?


‘How To’ & Best Practices

AR solutions benefits the enterprise by reducing costs, efficiency and ongoing processes. But what are the realities of this technology?

Discussion Points:

  • Transforming business challenges into business opportunities using AR
  • How AR companies successfully implement ideas/best practices
  • Reducing financial spend
  • How AR affects the social world and our environments
Mark Sage, Executive Director, AREA
Panel Discussion:
Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi, EMEA New Market Development Manager, Epson Europe B.V
Richard Widgery, Managing Director / Virtual Production Director, Take4D
11.00am Break
Keynote Case Study: Intersecting with The Internet

AR/VR continually intersects with the internet not only from a usage standpoint, but also from a delivery and information-gathering perspective. How does AR/VR affect the internet, security and privacy?

International Conferenceai Automotive As Key Forautonomous Drivingmunich 2829 November 2017 Twitter Tech News Actively Supportthe Event As Media Partnerbe Engaged With The Key Players Of The Automot

Speaker: Carl Smith, Principal Fellow and Director of the Learning Technology Research Centre, Ravensbourne

Case Study: Smart Glasses are Not the Future of Consumer AR

Kayvan Mirza will take the audience through why Google Glass and more generally “Smart Glasses” have failed to incite consumer interest and potential solutions to bring mobile AR to the masses.

Speaker: Kayvan Mirza, CEO, Optinvent

12.05pm Lunch

Travel & Tourism

AR/VR will be driving a new wave of consumerisation across the travel and tourism industry, but will the introduction of these projects boost the industry overall?
Discussion Points:

  • Improvements to travel and tourism
  • From choosing to arriving at the destination which areas can take the most
  • What will the future look like for AR/VR in travel and tourism?
  • How will AR/VR affect travel on the ground, on the water and in the air?
Panel Discussion:
Andy Wise, New Business Director & Owner, Engine Creative
Francesca Guerrera, Researcher, Ravensbourne


Moderator: Carl Smith, Principal Fellow and Director of the Learning Technology Research Centre, Ravensbourne

2.00pm Break

Case Study: Navigating the World of Virtual Reality

(AMRC) with Boeing has been working with a leading global supplier of work holding and containment fixturing solutions, to help create a virtual workshop to assist with pre-production and factory planning processes.

Speaker: Christopher Freeman, Head of Digitally Assisted Assembly / Augmented Reality Technical Fellow, AMRC


Case Studies

Three pioneers present case studies of their successful projects.
With vision, concepts and the future at the forefront.

Moderator: Mark Sage, Executive Director, AREA
HoloLens: The Path to Mixed Reality
Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully self-contained holographic computer running Windows 10. It is completely self-contained-no wires, phones, or connection to a PC needed. Microsoft HoloLens allows you to place holograms in your physical environment and provides a new way to see your world. This session provides a mixed reality primer and an overview of the available tools & documentation to quick start your holographic application development.

Speaker: Peter Daukintis, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
Speaker:James Graves, Project Leader, BAE Systems Submarine
Speaker:Andy Lowery, CEO, Real Wear

Connected Autonomous Vehicles May 14 17 2018santa Clara Usa Twitter Tech News Is Media Partner
3.10pm Break
3.25 pm

Three Projects that Illustrate the Importance of “Reality” in Mixed Reality

  • Bringing Star Wars AR into Disneyland Hotel and into the Park
  • Creating VR in-car for Honda
  • Turning faces into buildable mosaics at the new LEGO Flagship store in Leicester Square

Speaker: Jason Yim, President and ECD, Trigger – The Mixed Reality Agency

 3.50 pm

The Customer’s Futures Bright

Imagine a world where you can use your smartphone to see mannequins in shop windows model the latest fashions. Or, scan a pair of shoes to reveal similar styles, prices and customer reviews. Or, choose a top and then be notified of what accessories match and are available. Welcome to the emerging new world of the digital customer experience in retail.

Discussion Points:

  • How are retailers reinventing the customer experience?
  • What new products will revolutionise our lives?
  • How does this information in turn also help the retailer?

Panel Discussion:

Samuel Huber, Founder & CEO, Advir

Jason Yim, President/Executive Creative Director, Trigger

4.20 pm

Closing Keynote: Focus on the User: Application Driven Wearable Displays

This AR, VR & MXR displays – why the ‘Field of Dreams’ approach (“If you build it, he will come”) is not going to deliver wearable systems that people actually want to buy and use. This keynote will explore successful wearable solutions that have been designed with the user-story driving the product and why focusing on the requirements will lead to success.

Speaker:Greg Truman, CEO, Forth Dimension Displays


Agenda 8th March – Day 2

Address & Welcome: Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot

Opening Keynote: Daydreaming with Google

Welcome To Sharemy3dtwitter Tech News And Sharemy3dare Now Media Partners

Google led the way in bringing VR to millions through its’ revolutionary low-cost cardboard VR headset. Now it’s more sophisticated Daydream platform is set to ensure many more have the opportunity to experience interactive VR for a relatively low cost – using a mobile phone. Google’s Greg Ivanov, discusses Google’s strategy, its predictions for the future and how it is working with content makers in Europe.

Speaker: Greg Ivanov, Business and Content Development, Google Daydream


Are We Ready for Mixed Reality?

The evolution of MR is a space that we are not used to and the changes that MR will induce in the society will be enormous. Human creativity and imagination will be expanded and the economy and industrial processes will be more efficient. However, with this also comes social breaches, a lack of understanding and inequalities.

Discussion Points:

  • How will MR revolutionise our lives – could it do away with laptops, tablets and other such devices?
  • Are we moving into a new era for personal technology?
  • Which companies will define the 21st Century and provide a foundation for the future?
  • What are the key pros and cons with MR?
Moderator: Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot
Panel Discussion: Asad Arshad, Founder, Chairman & CEO, iFavour
Tom Emrich, Partner, Super Ventures

Immersive Video Storytelling to Support Big Brands

Immersive video is the next best thing to seeing a product in person.
Discussion Points:

  • What extent are consumers willing to explore immersive video?
  • Are immersive video experiences hard to come by?
  • What technological innovation are coming next?
Christophe Mallet, Co-Founder, Somewhere Else
Panel Discussion: Neil Mandt, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, MANDT VR
Muki Kulhan, Executive Digital Producer, Muki-International, Ltd
11.00am Break

Keynote: 360/VR & Merged/Mixed Reality

Hear specifically how the BBC, as a broadcaster can look to utilise 360/VR and Merged/Mixed Reality technology on a more mass audience basis.


Christopher Nundy, Innovation Manager, BBC

The Worlds First Personal Volumetric Display Now You Can Create And Experience 3d Together

AR, VR, Global Education & Social Media

  • Disrupting surgical education using technology
  • Scaling up knowledge using social media
  • Providing a solution for the inequalities of social care globally
  • Democratising education with AR and VR


Dr Shafi Ahmed, Director, Medical Realities

12.05pm Lunch

Mobile Games into VR Games

What are the top tips of adapting mobile games into VR games rapidly and effectively?

Discussion Points:

  • Which mobile games have turned into serious eSports
  • Which great location based games will get you started?
  • Multiplayer – How sharing the gaming experience is more fun when played with others
  • What can be applied to the development process?
Muki Kulhan, Executive Digital Producer, Muki-International, Ltd
Panel Discussion:
Patrick O’Luanaigh, Founder & CEO, nDreams
Hadrien Lanvin, CEO, Innerspace VR

Head Worn Devices

The future looks bright for head worn devices for both consumers and the enterprise.
Discussion Points:

  • Which head worn devices have taken the medium mainstream?
  • How are head worn devices going to revolutionise the world?
  • What are the best headsets and which ones should you buy?
Tom Emrich, Partner, Super Ventures
Panel Discussion:
Christophe Mallet, Co-Founder, Somewhere Else

Enterprise Mixed Reality – The Possibilities of Gaming

A mixed reality game takes place in both reality and virtual reality simultaneously and allows us to explore our surroundings and go beyond “traditional” screen-based video games but what are the current possibilities and challenges of gaming?
Discussion Points:

  • Which leading games developers are showing the way?
  • How is a successful gaming product created?
  • Why are we not always able to play the best games?
Carl Smith, Principal Fellow and Director of the Learning Technology Research Centre, Ravensbourne
Panel Discussion:
Simon Harris, Executive Producer, Supermassive Games Ltd
2.40pm Break

Case Study: Collaborative Mixed Reality

Fracture will present a talk covering the past, present and future of digital collaboration and visualisation. The focus will be on the tools and technology that we are building for the HoloLens and other immersive platforms, that enable new ways of collaborative design, rapid visualization and problem solving, in a variety of industries.

Avatar Vr Provide A Realistic Sense Of Touch Thanks To The Use Of Haptic Technology


Mark Knowles-Lee, CEO, Fracture Games


AR, VR & MXR – What does it Mean for the Industry?

AR, VR and MXR now vastly influences industries such as: aerospace, automotive, energy, defence and medical and effects how we build, create and experience the world.
Discussion Points:

  • How are these industries embracing the change?
  • Which influencers are more important?
  • What have these influences accomplished?
  • How is immersive technology influencing and interacting with industries?
Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot
Panel Discussion:
Ed Daly, Managing Director, Seeper
Jason Lovell, Founder/CEO, Captivate
Sean Hennelly, CEO, Kopin Software
3.50pm Break

When AI & VR Meet

VR is a burgeoning and exciting industry and is redefining how we will interact with computers and with other humans. But hot on its heels is Artificial Intelligence – the ability to make computers to think like humans. The applications are huge, but one of the most exciting is in recreating human intelligence and interaction itself. In time this will be in the form of robotics, but before that, many of the applications will manifest in VR. This talk discusses how and why this will happen.


Dr Dave Ranyard, CEO, Dream Reality Interactive


Closing Keynote: Virtual Production

Leading innovators in creating complex Hollywood Special and Visual Effects, Take4D presents a peek behind the scenes of how their MR technology is helping both filmmakers and industrial designers create their next generation products.


Richard Widgery, Managing Director / Virtual Production Director, Take4D

AR/VR Keynote speakers

AR/VR Speakers

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