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Massless Introduces Pen VR Peripheral For High Precision 3D Modelling in CAD environments

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A faster, more intuitive way of working in 3D The MASSLESS Pen enables designers and engineers to intuitively develop, review and manipulate large 3d models in real time from within the dataset. The MASSLESS pen removes the barrier to productivity… Continue Reading →

‘Oculus Medium’ Virtual Reality sculpting tool: review and speed tests

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Oculus Medium VR Sculpt: Witch bust Professional Sculpting in Virtual Reality with Oculus Medium In depth review on roadtovr.com

10 Best 3D Printers 2016

3D printed robots with shock absorbing skins from MIT (Massachusett Institute of Technology) news.mit.edu

IBM’s @IBMWatson Powering Olli a #3D-Printed Self-Driving #Bus @InformationWeek www.informationweek.com

OLO – The First Ever #Smartphone #3D #Printer

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About this project With an iPhone 6 OLO can build 1 cm in approximately 46 minutes, or 1 inch in approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes.

Mcor ARKe World’s first full-colour desktop paper based 3D printer

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The M3D Micro 3D printer: pro and cons for $349!

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Technical Specifications and unboxing

CoLiDo 3D Pen: Maximize Safety in #3DPrintingPen @kickstarter 

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The stylish CoLiDo 3D Pen maximizes the SAFETY in use. Everyone can handle the pen easily and let your drawing stand. FEEL YOUR DRAWING 3D printing devices which using FDM technology are inevitably to have very hot nozzle. It is… Continue Reading →

#Autodesk releases #Meshmixer3 with new features for multi-material #3Dprinting meshmixer.com

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How to use Meshmixer: 1 hour video

Ultimaker 2 Extended+ ENRICHED BY GLOBAL OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY @Ultimaker @3dprintindustry the review goo.gl/uzOQqr

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@Parrot Official 3D printing Contest…participate now! 

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How to partecipate

Arrow Drone – #3DPrinted #RacingDrone to race at 150 Km/h, equipped with GPS and #GoPro Camera…Cool!

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About this project

#SpaceClaim #3DModeling #Software Solves Geometry Problems Fast:SpaceClaim 2016 Overview @spaceclaim goo.gl/N3aT8r 

Bevel by @MatterandForm #3DLaserScanner for your mobile device #iOS #Android

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Details and references

Adidas Futurecraft 3D shows the potential of 3D-printed shoes

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HD Gallery and reference web sites

@NewBalanceUK Create the First 3D Printed Running Shoe @3DPrint_com goo.gl/M3tT5w

3D Printer Guide readable on line: detailed, illustrated and with print samples by @3DHubs goo.gl/Vhc3v3 

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Which 3D Printer should I buy? 

ProJet1200SLA #3dLaserPrinter small detailed, protyping and end-use parts
@3dsystemscorp 3dsystems.com

ProX 400 Direct Metal 3D Printer for Tool-Free Manufacturing
@3dsystemscorp 3dsystems.com

3D Scanner Surphaser® 50HS submillimeter accuracy at entry level price

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Surphaser 3D laser scanning demo by Mimic Studios Inc. – the video test and pdf file with specifications

Handheld scanner FARO Freestyle3D X with X-tra accuracy
@Laserscanningeu @FARO_HQ

#4DPrinting is the future of design
@FwThinking  @3dprintindustry @3DPRINTUK @printing3Dnews @3DPrintshow

SHARE 3D – web platform to create instructions, catalogs, sales demos and other required product support materials with 3D models www.share3d.com

Made In Space’s New In-Vacuum 3D Printer @ENGINEERINGcom http://goo.gl/WO8Ptg

CG TRADER a web portal to buy 3D models and sell 3D models http://www.cgtrader.com/

Researchers Redesign the Conventional Battery Via 3D Printing @3DPrintBoard http://goo.gl/jUEDXD

CHASE ME combines the magic of film with the wonder of #3DPrinting www.chasemefilm.com

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CES 2015: 3D Printing Carbon Fiber @make

The first 3D printed house is coming! @BI_Europe 


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