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PERGAMON – Pervasive serious games supported by Virtual Coaching

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What is PERGAMON The PERGAMON project, funded by the Horizon 2020 Programme, aims to support the creative industries in the adoption of a technology framework for the creation of pervasive serious games. As an example of application of the framework,… Continue Reading →

Satellite & Space Missions

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May 11/13 2017
Barcelona, Spain

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About Conference and brochure

THE SERIOUS GAME INSTITUTE at Coventry University www.seriousgamesinstitute.co.uk @SGIcoventry Facebook

3D printed robots with shock absorbing skins from MIT (Massachusett Institute of Technology) news.mit.edu

#Macunx is a #VR #platform for building memory palaces learning in short time

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Macunx is a VR platform for building memory palaces to learn huge amounts in short time and with full retention. By combining medieval memory techniques with modern technology, we are redefining the way we learn, understand, and retain information in… Continue Reading →

London Technology Week June 20th and 26th 2016 @LDNTechWeek londontechnologyweek.co.uk LinkedIn Facebook

Geoaspatial World January 2016 issue @geoworldmedia http://goo.gl/th68qu 

Experiences in the Development of an Augmented Reality Dressing Room

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Case study

Welcome to Codamotion!

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Motion Capture from Codamotion Codamotion has been the leading innovator in motion capture systems for research, clinical and aerospace applications for over 30 years. Its systems track and analyse 3D movement in every kind of environment from large fixed laboratories,… Continue Reading →

#MotionCapture sport performances/biomechanicalAnalysis by active motionSensors @Codamotion codamotion.com

WHY VOLUMETRIC VR IS THE REAL FUTURE OF VIRTUAL REALITY by 8i.com “here full article” about it!

Geospatial World – The Geospatial Industry Magazine read on line issues @geoworldmedia https://issuu.com/geospatialworld

Project NOURISHED a gastronomical multi sensorial virtual reality experience to solve food disorders www.projectnourished.com

Interact with your UNMODIFIED mobile device by in-air gestures @MSFTResearch 

#MobileFusion create #3DScans by mobile phone for #3DPrinting or #AaugmentedReality games goo.gl/Uvp2OA

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Downloadable pdf about Real-time Volumetric Surface Reconstruction and Dense Tracking On Mobile Phones

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2nd International Conference Exhibition on Satellite & Space Missions Berlin 2016!

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2nd International Conference Exhibition on Satellite & Space Missions Berlin 2016
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About conference OMICS International proudly invites contributors across the globe to International Conference and Exhibition on Satellite & space missions (Satellite-2016) going to be held during  July 21-23, 2016 at Berlin, Germany. The aim of Satellite events is to bring together leading academic Scientists, Researchers, Professors, Engineers, Mechanical,… Continue Reading →

C-Slate #MultiTouch and #ObjectRecognition #System for #Remote #Collaboration @MSFTResearch goo.gl/8uXMOg

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Download pdf file of the scientific pubblicaiton

#FlexSense a Transparent Self-Sensing #DeformableSurface for a 2.5D interactions @MSFTResearch 

CyArk 500 Annual Summit Berlin 2015: speeches from the meeting
@CyArk YouTube Channel

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Animating Non-Humanoid Characters with Human Motion Data @DisneyInstitute http://goo.gl/lo9dvY

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Read the “Scientific Reserach” and Download PDF’s files

Controlling Augmented Reality in the Operating Room: A Surgeon’s Perspective @Medgadget http://goo.gl/MNgE1b

Oculus Research Collaborator Talks Tracking Facial Expressions While Wearing a VR Headset @RtoVR goo.gl/ivzE4o

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2nd Global Summit and Expo on Multimedia & Applications London 2016!

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2nd Global Summit and Expo on Multimedia & Applications London 2016
are now media partners.

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About the event Multimedia 2016 the premier conference for multimedia experts and practitioners across academia and industry with an extensive program consisting of technical sessions covering all aspects of the multimedia field in forms of oral and poster presentations, tutorials,… Continue Reading →

The best of Siggraph 2015’s technical papers @siggraph

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12 amazing videos from SIGGRAPH 2015 about  technical advances in computer graphics

Tactile Rendering of 3D Features on Touch Surfaces by @DisneyInstitute http://goo.gl/4XsKS4

#DisneyAnimation and the #ScientificResearch at the back of the movies http://goo.gl/EvjDSw

Controll the world around with your finger tip thanks to @AutodeskStudy  and @UAlberta http://goo.gl/hECRKD


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