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Tesseract – 6 Axis mouse: Gaming and Design from a new perspective

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Technical details and specifications

About The Tesseract

The Tesseract is a new, immersive and revolutionary multi-axis gaming controller. Currently the Tesseract works with any Windows based PC, with Mac and Linux versions to follow after the Kickstarter campaign has come to a close. The Tesseract incorporates six-axis movement which allows for simultaneous linear and rotational movement.

The Tesseract is a plug & play device which is intuitive to use, easy to learn and fully configurable. The Tesseract comes with a user friendly control panel which allows it to be configured easily; emulating any combination of key presses, joystick or mouse movements. This enables the Tesseract to excel at playing any game from past, present or future.


Tesseract gives you the edge over the competition with its greater level of sensitivity, efficiency of movement and a comprehensive user control panel. Using the control panel, gamers get the chance to create a unique set-up that works best for them. Going further, you can then choose to share your configurations via the Tesseract Share™ community section on our website.

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Push Tesseract forward, your character moves forwards. Tilt Tesseract to the left, your aircraft tilts to the left. It’s that simple. The movements of the character you control mirror the motion of Tesseract.

Future Ready:

When you’re wearing a virtual reality headset, you are transported to another world. The last thing you want to be worrying about is where the reload key is. Tesseract puts complete control in the palm of your hand.

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The Tesseract is more than just a controller. It’s a piece of technology that can be used for all sorts of different tasks, and it will prove itself to be one of your essentials when you’re deciding what should be taking up desk space.

Although the technology behind our product lends itself to many other potential applications including robotics. The three core tasks we have found the Tesseract excels in are gaming, computer aided design and piloting drones, or UAV’s.


This is the obvious one, gaming. The original purpose behind the Tesseract was fulfilling a need for a simple, intuitive and future ready gaming peripheral. Tesseract is a perfect match for any gaming set up for many reasons, but here are three of the most important.

  • The customisation features are immense. Using our control panel, you can change the way the buttons work, how sensitive each axis is, reduce or increase dead zones and even determine how many key presses are registered per second.
  • The Tesseract is extremely simple to use. Although the user control panel allows for a large amount of detailed tinkering, you don’t need to worry about it because the Tesseract will be delivered with pre-configured set-ups for most game genres, as well as having the ability to download other people’s configurations from the Tesseract Share™ community.
  • Virtual reality is one of the most anticipated technologies when talking about the future of gaming and Tesseract fits straight into that future. When you’re controlling a car, running around or just exploring the vast universe offered up by virtual reality, you don’t want to worry about where your buttons are to move. The Tesseract makes it simple – just push forward.

Computer Aided Design:

Computer Aided Design. This is one of the most important industries in today’s world, and it is essential to meet the amount of extra features, complexity and growing scale of modern day products. CAD plays a vital role in enabling us to create the products we know and love in today’s modern society.

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But where does the Tesseract come in? Throughout its current prototype lifespan, the Tesseract has been put through its paces with various CAD companies and has always come out with raving reviews from the individuals who are directly involved in the industry. One of the major benefits of Tesseract when considering CAD, is just how easy it is to navigate through 3D scenes and being able to map the most used key combinations directly into the palm of your hand.


When considering piloting, you would likely automatically jump at the thought of a handheld remote controller or operating from directly inside a cockpit. These remote controls can often be complicated to use due to the different movement sticks and rigorous amount of buttons needed to control a simple UAV.

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With Tesseract you don’t need to worry about this – you can control a UAV with one hand when using Tesseract. This is down to the fact that the Tesseract can be set up through the control panel to essentially mirror the actions of a UAV. It comes down to three simple steps.

  • Think it
  • Do it
  • Watch it happen

X-Axis Movement

Y-Axis Movement

Z-Axis Movement

Control Panel

Current Working Prototype
Current Working Prototype
Improved Prototype - subject to change
Improved Prototype – subject to change

As you can see from the above two screenshots of our current and planned control panel, the amount of customisation is comprehensive to say the least. You will notice that our future control panel looks a lot cleaner and crisper; this is because we have recruited a gaming-centred design team in order to create this control panel. We want it to be easy to use, but still look super awesome.

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Tesseract Share™

Tesseract Share™ is one of the major features we are implementing with the Tesseract – we feel it will allow for a social gaming experience unlike any other!

What Tesseract Share™ allows players to do is share their customised control set up. This includes everything from background image, to key mapping and even the sensitivity of each axis. This means that ordinary gamers will be given the chance to see how they match up against the professionals of competitive gaming.

What Tesseract Share™ also allows is for us to build a close knit community of gamers from all over the world, regardless of skill level. By using Tesseract Share™, gamers can be given a fair chance to finally win that MVP trophy.

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This means you don’t need to worry about getting hold of a new configuration for all the latest games, the Tesseract team will release one that our team of in-house gamers recommend. Those in the Tesseract community who are lucky enough to get hold of BETA keys will be able to configure and refine set-ups before the games are even out on general release!

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We believe that Tesseract Share™ will lead the way for a truly simple, social and fully configurable unique gaming experience. The process of using Tesseract share couldn’t be much simpler:

  • Create your configuration
  • Click the ‘Tesseract Share™’ button on the control panel
  • Fill in the details listed and make sure you give it an awesome name!
  • Click upload and wait a couple of seconds…Done! It’s that simple, join in the revolution of gaming control through Tesseract Share™.
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Technical Specification

  • USB 3.0
  • Extremely durable materials – Long lasting
  • Non slip base
  • Plug & Play
  • Dimensions – 13cm L * 8cm W * 4.2cm D – (subject to change*)
  • Weight – 450g – (subject to change*)
  • Up to 8 programmable buttons
  • Fully programmable axis
  • 70mb hard drive space for control panel and drivers
  • Windows Vista & above, including Windows 10
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How We Are Making It Better

The Tesseract is great right now, but we know we can make it even better. The improvements we are working on currently are as follows:

  • Wireless for improved cable free control
  • Ergonomic design – sculpting the Tesseract’s shape and build to make it an even more perfect fit
  • Making the aesthetics cooler – using LED’s and special materials to ensure Tesseract looks and feels the part
  • Adding more programmable buttons – ensuring they are positioned with performance in mind
  • The ability to carry two on-board profiles at any one time and switch on the go
  • An improved control panel with more features and a gaming orientated design
  • A size reduction of up to 10%, providing an even more stable ability to control
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All of these changes are in the works and with your help, we can implement them immediately, bringing us one step closer towards getting the Tesseract into the hands of  gamers, designers and pilots worldwide.




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