Horizon Cockpit Concept

Horizon uses a unique blend of emerging technologies designed to give users a more ideal vehicle experience. An advanced camera system allows the user to interact with their vehicle via gestures. This system works by mapping the user’s hand to a kinematic spatial full-hand skeleton at 37 different joint points.

It then uses this information to mirror the movements of the user’s hand with a virtual hand on the screen. When users move an individual finger or rotate their hand, the system detects the user’s specific X, Y, and Z movements, and immediately replicates those motions with the virtual hand displayed on the screen.

Users will also be able to use gestures to interact with virtual buttons and knobs on the screen in a way that makes them feel more like they are actually touching these virtual objects. Horizon’s digital infotainment screen utilizes a dual-layered display, which creates the appearance of depth by allowing the user to view information on two separate planes.

Ultralight Folding Electric Scooter Moveo Moveoscooter

This, combined with the spatial controls, allows the user to push their finger forward in space, and have the display show that they are pushing through one plane to access the next plane.

A pressure-sensitive touch pad will also be used in conjunction with the display to create a virtual touch screen. Through the innovative use of emerging disruptive technologies, Visteon shows how future vehicle user interfaces can evolve and differentiate from those of consumer products.

Both ergonomic and cognitive factors are balanced to deliver an experience that consumers will love.

Visteon Time of Flight Gesture Technology



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