Making Virtual Reality accessible for the masses

3Glasses to bring new VR line to North America in 2016


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2016 – 3Glasses has announced that its innovative line of Virtual Reality devices will launch in North America this year, starting with the D2 Vanguard Edition – the world’s first mass-produced 2K Virtual Reality headset.

“The Virtual Reality industry has evolved extremely quickly, but until now VR products have come at a steep price for consumers,” said Philip Kong, Vice President, 3Glasses. “There’s no reason that Virtual Reality should be inaccessible. The technology is here. 3Glasses’ products retail at accessible price-points and aim to bring the world of Virtual Reality to the everyday consumer.”

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As 3Glasses’ latest flagship device the D2 Vanguard Edition is lighter, quicker and more durable than the industry’s leading Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. Retailing for $399 USD in early 2016, the D2 Vanguard Edition is equipped with a high-definition 2K screen covering up to 534 pixels-per-inch and an impressive latency rate of 13-milliseconds.

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The new 3Glasses line also includes the Blubur S1 and Blubur W1, which will launch in North America later this year. With two independent 2K screens, a refresh rate of up to 95 hertz, and an added depth camera – which tracks hand gestures – the 3Glasses Blubur S1 will revolutionize the gaming experience for VR enthusiasts. In contrast, the Blubur W1 is an all-in-one device that offers a standalone, computer-free VR experience, maximizing user mobility.

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With over 10 years in the VR space, 3Glasses has founded partnerships with leading developers, 3D engines and technology giants worldwide. In April 2015, 3Glasses released a software development kit (SDK) with Unity, quickly followed by another SDK in partnership with Unreal in September 2015. These collaborations allowed developers to build their content through the Unity and Unreal engines. This aggressive push into the VR space was further cemented when the company partnered with Intel Corporation to develop the Blubur W1, a wireless all-in-one VR head-mounted device.

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The D2 Vanguard Edition, Blubur S1 and Blubur W1 will be available for preview in the 3Glasses booth at CES 2016 (located in Westgate Hall, # 41026 – 41028).

All products will be available for purchase through in 2016.


About 3Glasses:

With over 10 years of experience in the VR industry and over 200 successful projects, 3Glasses is a world-renowned producer of Virtual Reality products. The company’s products have been applied in various fields, including construction, design, travel and gaming.

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VR Technology, the parent company of 3Glasses, has offices in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.