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How VR & AR Are Changing The Face of Sales & Marketing: the Migraine Experience by GSK


GSK, The Mill and REWIND on How VR & AR Are Changing The Face of Sales & Marketing

  • Develop relationships that build on emotion, excitement and awe – The immersive nature of VR allows you to create worlds and experiences that allow big brands to connect with their customers on a new level
  • What are brands really using VR for? Hear use cases from GSK, The Mill & REWIND and explore what’s realistic in terms of campaign investment in this early stage of the industry’s development.
  • What does it take to make a good experience? Uncover the key things consumer facing brands need to be thinking about when looking to create the best VR experiences
Novint Arms And Haptic Devices For Gaming

This webinar was recorded in the lead-up to VRX Europe 2018 (17-18 May, Amsterdam)

This webinar was produced in conjunction with VRX Europe 2018, taking place on 17th & 18th May inAmsterdam, where experts like these will be coming together to drive VR/AR adoption and create growth. 
VRX Europe 2018 is your opportunity to prepare for mass-adoption, network with the best of the best and position your business at the forefront of the VR/AR platform revolution. 

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Excedrin®  by GSK unveils “The Migraine Experience” – World’s First Augmented Reality Migraine Simulator Designed To Foster Empathy For Migraine Sufferers

The Migraine Experience is the first simulator designed to give non-sufferers the chance to safely experience symptoms of a migraine including disorientation, aura, sensitivity to light and blurred vision. By using augmented reality, a non-sufferer experiences his or her everyday scenario while the migraine symptoms alter what they’re actually seeing or trying to do.

Atheerair Vision At Work Augmentedreality Enterprise Solutions From Wts2016

“We created The Migraine Experience to foster a new level of understanding between migraineurs and non-sufferers,” said Scott Yacovino, senior brand manager, U.S. Pain Category. “We’re simulating the symptoms of a migraine – everything but the pain – because experiencing is believing. Using technology to drive human emotion to help migraineurs feel better understood – allowing non-sufferers, for the first time, to see what it’s like to have a migraine.”

Goldmansachs Has Four Charts Showing The Huge Potential In Virtual And Augmentedreality Business

As one of the first brands to leverage augmented reality technology to conceptualize a health condition, Excedrin® is proud to be driving the category toward fostering a more understanding, empathetic environment for sufferers.

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