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Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality with Positional Tracking on iPhone with BRIDGE: 120º Wide Vision Lens and systems integration by Unity

Bridge lets iPhone 6/6s, 7,8 and iPhoneX owners instantly experience immersive mixed and virtual reality



  • Mobile virtual reality with inside-out positional tracking
  • Immersive mixed reality.

Bridge lets iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 7 owners instantly experience immersive mixed and
virtual reality. It’s a premium headset that uses Occipital’s Structure Sensor to capture a
precise 3D representation of the real world that can then be used to enable anything from
positionally tracked mobile VR to spatially aware mixed reality. Bridge is available for $399.



• Equipped with Occipital’s Structure Sensor, Bridge has 3D spatial awareness of the world
around the user, so that virtual content looks like it actually exists in the real world. This
includes obeying the laws of physics, casting shadows and visual interactions like occlusion.
• Bridge is compatible with the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, iPhone X (iPhone 6s or higher recommended), and is compatible with existing iOS VR applications and 360-degree content, including movies
• Bridge is fully supported by a powerful software engine for developers, Bridge Engine, to let
developers quickly build mixed reality apps and experiences
• Unlike many high-end VR devices that require a gaming PC, Bridge Engine is mobile
optimized and can render mixed reality experiences at high frame rates and low latency on
current generation mobile devices
• Bridge Engine enables untethered, large-scale inside-out positional tracking for virtual
• Developers also get a streamlined Unity plugin to power mobile VR apps with inside-out
positional tracking and obstacle avoidance
• Bridge uses Occipital’s new 120º Wide Vision Lens to enhance tracking stability and allow for
a wider field of view
• Bridge launches with an AI entity, Bridget, who can learn and interact with the world around
it, and can be trained via Bridge Engine
• The first batch of headsets produced will be the limited Explorer Edition, a numbered
special edition for those developers who want first access to Bridge and Bridge Engine. The
Explorer Edition will ship in December.

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Bridge lets iPhone 6/6s , iPhone 7,8 and iPhoneX owners instantly experience immersive mixed and virtual
reality. It’s a premium headset that uses Occipital’s Structure Sensor to capture a precise 3D
representation of the real world that can then be used to power immersive mixed reality
capabilities that simply aren’t possible with available headsets.

For example, Bridge can allow virtual content and characters to merge realistically with real
world environments. A virtual character can hide under the kitchen table, or run across a couch.
And a virtual ray gun could blow a hole in the living room wall, revealing a portal from the real
world to a magic world…or a friend’s house halfway around the world.

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And Bridge isn’t just for mixed reality – it’s powerful for virtual reality too. The 3D model captured
by Structure Sensor enables both large-scale positional tracking and realtime obstacle
avoidance in VR worlds, so users can confidently explore their virtual environment, something
unprecedented in mobile VR.

Bridge arrives with a Unity plugin, and with Bridge Engine, Occipital’s developer SDK for mixed
reality. Bridge Engine handles all of the complicated computer vision and optimizations required
for smooth mixed reality experiences on mobile devices, letting developers quickly jump into
prototyping new experiences.

It will also be the first-available VR&MR headset for a smartphone platform, and given its
capabilities, it is very affordable at $399 including including Structure Sensor (which currently
retails alone at $379).


  •  The front of Bridge features a machined and anodized aluminum alignment system to ensure
    proper calibration between the iPhone’s camera and Structure Sensor’s optics.
  • Bridge’s semi-rigid side straps and rear counterweight enable weight transfer from the front to
    the back of the headset to allow an easy, balanced fit with reduced weight on the user’s face.
  • The adjustable ratchet system allows users to easily put on, adjust and remove Bridge.
  • A magnetic latch makes it easy to open and shut the door that holds the user’s iPhone.
  • A custom wide vision lens uses five separate precision ground optical elements to increase the
    iPhone camera’s diagonal field of view from 70º to 120º.



Bridge is initially a developer-oriented device, and arrives with Structure SDK and Bridge Engine
compatibility for developers looking to build cutting edge mixed reality experiences for mobile
devices such as the Apple iPhone. Bridge can also be used by Unity developers to rapidly add
6DoF inside-out positional tracking to mobile VR applications that they have already built.

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With Structure Sensor, Occipital introduced the world to 3D sensing for mobile devices. It gives
mobile devices a new sense – the ability to not just capture the world in two-dimensional
images, but to actually understand it in three dimensions. Learn more at
The Structure Sensor isn’t a 3D scanner: It’s a hardware platform that enables a completely new
set of mobile applications, including:

• 3D mapping of indoor spaces for instant measurements and virtual redecoration via the
new Canvas app.
• Mixed reality experiences where virtual objects interact precisely with the physical world.
• 6-DoF positional tracking for virtual reality, including collision avoidance.
• 3D scanning of objects and people for rapid 3D content creation.
• Medical imaging used by thousands of doctors for prosthetics, orthotics and more.
The Structure Sensor has been designed from the ground up to be mobile: compact
dimensions, no external power source, precision brackets that let it quickly and securely attach
to iPads, and an SDK that makes it easy for developers to create apps for the Structure Sensor.
Since its successful launch on Kickstarter in 2013 (raising $1.29M from over 3500 backers), the
Structure Sensor & SDK has become one of the most popular platforms for adding 3D sensing
to mobile devices.





• Depth sensing range: 40 centimeters to 3.5+ meters
• Frame rate: 30-60 frames per second
• Resolution: 640×480
• Precision: 1% of measured distance (typical)
• Battery life:

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o Integrated lithium polymer battery – doesn’t use the iPad’s battery
o 3-4 hours of active sensing, 1000+ hours standby

Supported Devices for Bridge Explorer Edition

▪ Works with the following iPhone models:
          o iPhone 6
          o iPhone 6s
          o iPhone 7 



What’s in the Box

When you receive your Bridge headset, the following items will arrive in two separate boxes.

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Bridge Package

  • Bridge Headset
  • 120º Wide Vision Lens (already attached to Bridge headset)
  • Bridge Controller (3-DoF)
  • AAA Batteries (2x)
  • Bridge Lightning Cable
  • Alternate Face Pad
  • Alternate Lens Spacers
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Bridge Headset Quick Start Guide
  • Bridge Controller Quick Start Guide

Structure Sensor Package

  • Structure Sensor
  • Lightning Cable
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Screwdriver
  • M1.6 Screws (8x)
  • Structure Sensor User Manual





Occipital is fundamentally a software company that now creates hardware, too. After being one
of the first companies selected to join TechStars, we decided to focus on mobile computer
vision, or more simply, giving mobile devices the ability to understand the world through their

After launching two software products, RedLaser (later acquired by eBay) and 360 Panorama,
Occipital launched Structure Sensor in 2013 on Kickstarter, where it was one of the top-funded
technology products. In 2015, Occipital raised a $15MM Series B financing to accelerate the
introduction of new products, including Bridge.


Occipital makes the Structure Sensor & SDK, Skanect, Canvas and 360 Panorama. Occipital
focuses on making advanced computer vision technologies simple enough for everyday use.
Occipital is based in Boulder, CO and San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit Occipital
on the Web at and


Raffaele Schiavullo
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ADMINISTRATOR - Senior 3D/Virtual Reality Specialist and Automotive HMI developer - Working in London and "insanely" passionate about technology and its creative applications


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