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NOVINT arms and haptic devices for gaming

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The Falcon’s specifications can be found here. See examples of using the Falcon for Simulation & Training, Planning & Analysis, Modeling & Visualization, Telerobotics and Product Marketing here.



With the Novint Falcon 3D Touch controller, you can feel a realistic sense of touch in video games. Whether you game for fun or as a competitive gamer, the Falcon will bring a new level of immersion and control to your gaming experience. It will even bring back new life to old games. Quick exchangeable grips (handles) will further enhance the immersive experience.

Wide Variety of Games

Novint has developed support for over 50 titles, and many more are being added. Using Novint’s new F-Gen drivers, the Falcon can be used to play any PC game, and enhanced force settings for many games are being continually created. It can even be used to control Windows, and standard interactions like web browsing, word processing or spreadsheets.

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Pistol Grip

The Novint Falcon® Pistol Grip V2.0 is the Must Have FPS Accessory For Falcon Gaming. The Pistol Grip attaches to the Falcon, replacing the standard Grip for an incredibly realistic gaming experience that lets you feel realistic weapon recoil and force feedback.

  • The Pistol Grip is currently only available as a right handed version.
  • The Pistol Grip is now available for sale internationally.
  • The Pistol Grip is currently not available for sale in New York City.
  • The Novint Falcon Pistol Grip is appropriate for ages 14+.