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Pimax 8K VR headset is the highest resolution HMD on the market

Not properly 8K, but it works really well with his 16.6 million pixels in total

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Pimax 8K offers 200° Field of Vision (FOV), which is far closer to matching the natural human FOV of 220°. Users can simply use their peripheral vision instead of constantly moving their head, making for a more intuitive experience.


Tech specs

Field of View: 200 degrees
Resolution: 2*3840×2160, 16.6 million pixels in total
Screen: Customized low persistence liquid (CLPL) display MTP (Motion to photon)
Latency: 15ms
Refresh Rate: 75/90 Hz per eye(Support 150/180 Hz with Brainwarp)
Processor: GTX 980/1070 or AMD R9 Nano, equivalent and above
Interface: DP1.4, USB 3.0
Experience: Seated VR, standing VR, room-scale positional tracking, hand motion (optional)
Content: PiHome/Steam VR/Oculus Home(with a third party tool)
Audio: 2×3.5 mm audio jack, sterero sound earphones, integrated microphone
Fit: Adjustable headset strap/headband, auto-demisting system, fits glasses/customized VR frame, IPD (Interpupillary distance) adjustment.



PiPlay Platform is same as a console in which you may connect and manage your VR devices easily, download its games, apps and videos. It’s also compatible with SteamVR games and apps. You may enjoy smooth and shocked virtual reality experience after connecting Pimax headset to PC with just making simple setup.


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