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Demo of eye tracking of a spatial search task within VR

NVIDIA’s foveated rendering demo shown off at SIGGRAPH

Choosing the SMI Eye Tracking HMD based on HTC Vive

SMI’s high performance eye tracking HMD based on the HTC Vive enables new paradigms and fully controlled environments for naturalistic eye tracking studies. Eye tracking at 250 Hz allows full flexibility on research questions and the measurement of saccades and fixations.

The 360° immersion enabled by HMDs makes the participant feel physically present inside the stimulus. Reaction and attention patterns can be mapped using gaze as well as directional changes in head and body posture (“turn-towards”).

Ford Immersive Vehicle Environment Interactive Industrial Design

This HMD is perfect for use cases including clinical research, scene perception and visual search as well as UX / human factors studies –

  • Measure naturalistic perception under full experimental control
  • Surround participants with 360° image, video and audio stimuli
  • Use Experiment Suite HMD for turnkey stimulus presentation and analysis
  • Get Eye Tracking into interactive VR scenarios using Unity, Unreal and Vizard

Brio Vr To Create On The Fly Multi Platforms Web Demos Or Training Sessions With No Coding


Surround participants with 360° image, video and audio stimuli

360° immersive environments allow full control over all experimental parameters in the immersive scenario and hence allow large comparative studies to be conducted with ease with life-like perception. The use of directional sound also enhances attention studies.

Surround participants with 360° image, video and audio stimuli

Experiment Suite HMD for turnkey immersive stimulus presentation and analysis

Creating an immersive research environment is now easier than ever. Something as simple as a 360° still image or video – taken by a 360° camera – can be imported and become stimulus content. Experiment Suite HMD allows complex experimental scenes to be created with randomized stimulus presentation. Text elements can be included to instruct the participant.

Virda Virtualreality Software By Semconcomplex Environments Cad Models Visualised With Oculusrift Goo Gl3yfy0j

Get eye tracking into interactive VR scenarios

The eye tracking HTC Vive comes with a software developer kit and plug-ins for popular VR engines such as Unity, Unreal and WorldViz Vizard. Used this way it is possible to access live gaze information and create interactive scenarios such as gaze contingent communication with avatars which react on eye contact.

Unity 5 Now Available Free With All Features For Not Commercial Use Unity3d Httpow Lyqkotf

Technical Specification

Tracking 250 Hz binocular
Trackable field of view Full field of view (110°)
Accuracy typ. 0.2°
Calibration – Calibrationless
– 1,3,5-point calibration
– Slip compensation
Data – Inter-pupillary distance (IPD, pupil to pupil distance)
– Point of regard on display (left and right eye, binocular)
– Gaze base point
– Gaze vectors (left and right eye, binocular)
Hardware integration Plug and play integration into HTC Vive headset, no hardware adjustment prior to use, connect via USB
Dimensions head unit Eye tracking adds 55 g to HTC Vive interface weight
System requirements HTC Vive certified PCs
Operating system Windows 10 64 bit
Communication Fully integrated into HTC Vive external connection; data access via software integration
Software integration SMI Experiment Suite HMD for stimulus presentation and analysis
64 bit SDK (C/C++)
VR engine plug-ins for: Unity, Unreal, WorldViz Vizard
Resilience Through Innovation Culturalheritage Conference October 20 21 2015 Berlin Germany By Cyark Httpgoo Glhvlbla





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