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Wearable technolgies

TUNE your feet’s behaviour on the ground, making you aware of what to do to run better!


‘TUNE’ is the Only Wearable that
Monitors In-Shoe Both Feet Simultaneously,
Measures Running Performance over Time
and Provides a Personalized Game Plan to Improve Form





Specifications TUNE-Specs


More technical specifications with Paoulo Ferreira dos Santos
chief executive officer at Kinematix

Wearable Technology Show 2016 – London

Gallery – the App

Gallery – the device

How it works

TUNE was created by Kinematix, a Portuguese company that has spent the past 8 years studying body movement and how to analyze and improve biomechanics using technology. Kinematix also worked with the team at Run4Excellence to determine the best running parameters to measure and include in the TUNE app. “’Smarter’ is a simple word we like to use to explain the intricate concept of the evolution of running technique,” added dos Santos. “By definition, technique is a method of accomplishing a desired aim, a way of doing something by using special knowledge or skills. Kinematix has that knowledge, and TUNE shows you how to use it. Whether it is to run further and faster, or to achieve a dream distance with less pain, or even lower risk of injuries, the better the runner’s technique, the better his or her results will be.”

TUNE, created by Portugal-based Kinematix, is a simple, easy to use smart wearable that goes beyond measuring basic stats such as pace or speed, but also measures each foot’s ground-contact time (GCT), heel-contact time (HCT) and symmetry. It is the only wearable on the market that monitors both feet at the same time. Monitoring both feet, in-shoe, at the same time is necessary in order to obtain the relevant parameters of GCT, HCT and symmetry that enables the assessment of a runners’ form during a run and generate meaningful data. It also provides a personalized game plan based on the analysis of each runner’s personal profile and the evolving patterns detected during runs and training.

“TUNE obtains meaningful information about how runners use their feet to help them run smarter,” said Paulo Ferreira dos Santos, founder and CEO of Kinematix.“TUNE is sophisticated enough for the most elite runners, but affordable enough for the everyday runner. We want to help people run smarter, and to run smarter means to perform better, to run without pain or injury, and to be healthier and happier.”

There are several devices and apps for smartphones that measure the distance, pace, time, etc. But there is nothing to assess the form of an athlete in the running environment. TUNE connects with athletes the moment they start running. A pair of insoles contains electronic sensors, developed in collaboration with IEE, a global leader in safety sensing systems , that sync with small electronic devices that connect to the outside of each shoe. The electronic devices collect data in real time, and can identify which part of the feet touches the ground first and for how long. TUNE will know if a runner puts their heel or forefoot first and for how long it is on the ground.

TUNE provides both real-time data during the run, as well as a post-run analysis that will show the evolution of the runner’s form throughout a run, and over a longer period of time. This gives the runner an accurate view of their progression, splitting each run into smaller relevant parts. This allows the runner to better understand how certain conditions (uphill, downhill, fatigue, etc.) affect their running form throughout a run, which is much more motivating and interesting than only average data from a single run. Part of the analysis also includes a personalized training plan that is designed to strengthen exactly the movements and muscles needed to improve the runner’s form. The TUNE app even shows the runner how to do the exercises through a series of videos. Alternatively, this valuable information can be shared with coaches, helping them to know in detail the particular needs of each of their athletes.

Additional features include

→ TUNE also measures the evolution of the balance/symmetry of several parameters between the left and right feet during a full run. This is unique and the graphics allow a very fast and simple identification of what is needed to improve for each runner.

→ The TUNE insoles are very thin and will fit in any running shoe – so you can leave them in the shoes you use most, or rotate them to different shoes as needed, and they can be worn in warm or cold weather, not affecting the shoe’s comfort or mechanical behaviour.

→ There is no need to wash the insoles, as they are not in direct contact with the feet, but under the shoe’s original insole

→ TUNE can monitor up to 8 hours of running, so there is no need to charge the battery after every run.

About Kinematix
Knowledge from body movement

Kinematix is a Portugal based technology company that makes wearables to monitor the movements of your body. Kinematix is dedicated to giving people a way to obtain meaningful information about their body movements, and turning that information into tangible actions that will improve their health on a daily basis. Kinematix is partnered with IEE, a global leader in safety sensing systems, and Run4Excellence, an organization that promotes running excellence. For more information, visit www.kinematix.pt


Media Contacts

Angela Simoes | angela.simoes@kinematix.pt | +1 415 302 2934
Vasco Vasconcelos | vasco.vasconcelos@kinematix.pt | +351 222 010 752
Valerie Laporte | v.laporte@kinematix.pt | +32 471 36 29 07
Maggie Barclay | maggie.barclay@iee.lu | +352 621 274 318 (German enquiries)


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