Kanzi and Kanzi Performances Analyzer: a complete HMI software framework that enable branded user experience in connected cars


KANZI User Interface Design Software

Kanzi enables the rapid design and development of user interfaces (UIs) for the automotive industry and other embedded applications. Kanzi UI design software provides designers with visual tools for creating high-fidelity branded UIs. With its agile workflow and modular architecture Kanzi accelerates UI design by allowing designers and engineers to work independently and in parallel without disruptions.

Experience UI design like never before

Kanzi is an efficient and agile one-stop solution for car manufacturers, Tier 1 companies and design studios that want to create UIs. We believe that designers and engineers deserve the easiest and best UI design software to be able to create functional and beautiful UIs. Learn more about how Kanzi makes the work of designers more creative while enabling engineers to easily integrate the UI with data and application logic.

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Drive innovation with a faster time-to-market

  • Comes out-of-the-box with everything you need for turning your design into a beautiful UI – focus on creativity instead of coding
  • Gives designers full control of the end result with visual tools that enable rapid prototyping and a seamless transition to production
  • Reduce development time through on-the-fly design revisions and deployment on target hardware in seconds

Reduce costs and increase productivity

  • Eliminate up to 80% of UI code through built-in tool functionality
  • Reuse all designs, assets, templates and code across projects
  • Enable globally distributed teams of designers and engineers to efficiently work independently, together and in parallel

Scalable and easy to integrate

  • Any screen, anywhere – develop any HMI from instrument clusters, infotainment systems and HUDs to mobile apps
  • Hardware and operating system independent – runs on all leading automotive platforms and scales from affordable microcontrollers (MCUs) to high-end Systems-on-Chips (SoC)
  • Integrates effortlessly into your existing tools and processes
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Strengthening leading automotive brands

  • Chosen by more than 15 leading automotive OEMs and over 10 Tier 1 companies, and on pace to power more than 25 million cars by 2022
  • Create world-class digital user experiences that strengthen your brand and increase customer loyalty
  • Future-proof – modular and updateable to accommodate new requirements and technologies

For Designers

  • Create fully functional user interfaces without coding by using Kanzi Studio – a real-time UI design editor
  • Unleash your creativity through powerful built-in functionalities and features such as seamless 2D and 3D composition, customizable shaders, post processing and visual effects, state managers, layouts, animations, materials, etc.
  • Easily import 2D and 3D assets from all leading design tools
  • Constant iteration – make changes and see the effect in real-time without having to wait for engineering
  • Realize your design vision by taking control of your design throughout the entire development process
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For Engineers

  • Model-View-Viewmodel (MVVM) architecture where the visualization is separated from data and logic
  • Focus on application development instead of UI coding
  • Easily connect the user interface with data and application logic using standard APIs and data source plug-ins
  • Robust C++ API for UI application development
  • Extendable through plug-ins
  • Reuse application code and plug-ins across projects
  • Reuse application code on any target platform
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Supported Target Platforms

Thanks to its modular architecture and highly optimized runtime, Kanzi is hardware and OS independent. Kanzi runs on all leading automotive and embedded platforms, including:

Hardware Platforms:

  • NXP/Freescale i.MX6 (all variants)
  • Renesas R-Car M2/H2/H3/E2/D1H
  • Nvidia Tegra 2/3/4/K1/x1/CX
  • Texas Instruments Jacinto 6 / 6 Eco / 5 / 5 eco / 4
  • Fujitsu Emerald/Triton
  • Intel Atom
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon family
  • Spansion Traveo

Operating Systems:

  • QNX
  • Green Hills Integrity
  • Linux
  • Android
  • Nucleus
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • OSX
  • Windows Embedded Compact

KANZI Performance Analyzer

Kanzi® Performance Analyzer provides unprecedented insight into the performance of your automotive software and hardware platforms. Our solution enables you to test all aspects that affect the performance of modern Human–Machine Interfaces, so you can make the right hardware and software choices for your project. HMI performance testing has never been so easy!

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Key benefits

  • Run demanding tests based on real-world automotive use cases, including configurable clusters, infotainment and more
  • Test all aspects of a platform, including GPU, CPU, RAM, Operating System, Drivers and the Graphics API
  • Save time and money when deciding on your next HW/SW platform
  • Measure your own custom HMI designs
  • Compare results across SoC’s, operating systems and driver versions
  • Receive insightful, detailed analytics and reports on the capabilities of tested platforms

Comprehensive tests

Kanzi Performance Analyzer rigorously tests all aspects your automotive platform, helping you choose the platform that can deliver the right cost-to-performance ratio for your project.
Kanzi Performance Analyzer is integrated with Kanzi, enabling you to test and analyze your custom HMI designs.




Raffaele Schiavullo
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ADMINISTRATOR - Senior 3D/Virtual Reality Specialist and Automotive HMI developer - Working in London and "insanely" passionate about technology and its creative applications


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