Automotive IVI Software is Rapidly Evolving

As the automotive market shifts towards connected, software-defined, and smarter cars, it is becoming critical to leverage innovative software technologies to:

  • Reduce product development time and enable faster and more efficient collaboration across a complex supply chain by introducing new technologies developed outside the traditional automotive
  • Constantly introduce new features, particularly within active safety and infotainment, while reducing  costs.
  • Establish strong brand identity as an important differentiating factor amongst open-source
  • Allow the development of upgradable cars to enable new revenue streams.

Key Trends in Automotive Audio Technology

The importance of integrating new audio technologies is rapidly increasing for the automotive industry, and requires solutions that:

  • Minimize integration complexity with hardware agnostic audio frameworks that empower new entrants to provide innovative
  • Provide holistic, customized and immersive sound experiences for vehicle systems such as HMI, entertainment, and
  • Reduce hardware costs by leveraging the constantly expanding capabilities of application
  • Increase audio integration workflow productivity and agility.
  • Enable authoring of functional audio safety and AVAS sound generation with interactive audio.
The Risk Of Distracted Driving In A Digital Age

Introducing the Future of In-Car Audio

Audiokinetic is the leading provider of cross- platform interactive audio solutions.

Wwise Automotive is a comprehensive data- driven audio solution. It features an optimized run- time sound engine and an audio authoring application designed to create and manage customized in-car audio experiences.


  • Established ecosystem of partners in the audio industry
  • Member of the GENIVI and AGL alliances
  • Strategic partnerships in automotive


Wwise Automotive Solution Overview

Comprehensive Automotive Audio Solution

Unified Pipeline from Concept to Aftermarket

Key Benefits for the Automotive Audio Ecosystem

Wwise Automotive Products and Services

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