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EYECAD VR a stunning Architectural CAD/VR editor and viewer for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.Twitter Tech News actively support EYECAD VR as TECHNICAL MEDIA PARTNER


Bring your project to life
directly in VR
with the most common files formats

See it in action!

Case study: Farnswoth House

A new experience for your customers

Eyecad VR allows a 360-degree spatial perception of the scene you build, so you can explore and customize an environment before it is really built.
Eyecad VR revolutionizes and simplifies the exploration experience of a virtual environment 3D with photorealistic graphics like never seen before.

This element can be changed as you like because it is a virtual environment.

 Spaces and situations are not static but are generated according to the user’s behavior, which is the protagonist of the changes.

How it works

 App side

Send and share all your virtual reality projects with customers or a team  via cloud and navigate them by VR Cardboard app.

23rd International Automotive Electronics Congress 25 26 June In Ludwigsburg Ttn Is Media Partner


Operative System

  • Windows 10

Requirements VR

  • CPU Intel i5 4690K
  • GPU Nvidia GTX 970
  • RAM 8Gb
  • Oculus CV1 Runtime v 1.8
  • HTC Vive Steam VR

Requirements Desktop

  • CPU Intel i5 4460
  • GPU Nvidia GTX 750
  • RAM 8Gb

Supported files format

  • 3ds Max 3DS ( .3ds )
  • 3ds Max ASE ( .ase )
  • AC3D ( .ac )
  • AutoCAD DXF ( .dxf )
  • Autodesk ( .fbx )
  • Blender 3D ( .blend )
  • BlitzBasic 3D ( .b3d )
  • Collada ( .dae )
  • DirectX X ( .x )
  • glTF ( .gltf, .glb )
  • Industry Foundation Classes (IFC/Step) ( .ifc )
  • Irrlicht Mesh ( .irrmesh )
  • Irrlicht Scene ( .irr )
  • LightWave ( .lwo )
  • LightWave Scene ( .lws )
  • Milkshape 3D ( .ms3d )
  • Modo ( .lxo )
  • Neutral File Format ( .nff )
  • Object File Format ( .off )
  • Ogre XML ( .xml )
  • PovRAY Raw ( .raw )
  • Quick3D ( .q3d,.q3s )
  • Sense8 WorldToolKit ( .nff )
  • Stanford Polygon Library ( .ply )
  • Stereolithography ( .stl )
  • Terragen Terrain ( .ter )
  • TrueSpace ( .cob,.scn )
  • Wavefront Object ( .obj )
  • XGL ( .xgl,.zgl )
Gpu Technology Conference April 47 2016 Silicon Valley Nvidia

 Available versions


Editor features


Import 3D model on eyecad VR with .3ds, .fbx, .obj, .dae format.


Create and apply materials with realistic effects


Use eyecad VR libreries or import your 3D objects.


Create, manage and set artificial lights of your project.


With the real time render you can verify your design choise.


Set your project in a real world in any time of a day.


Capture awesome photospheres and add them in your project.


Create custom animation for your customers.

Viewer features


One click to VR, you and your customer will enter in virtual reality immersive project.


You can also share yourt projects with your customers using eyecad VR App.


You can also capture awesome render up to 4k resolution.


During the VR exploration change time of a day and verify others light conditions.


Thanks to real time graphic engine you can move and rotate objects or change objects materials.


Interact with artificial light: turn off or turn on with interactive light in your project.


Importing files, VR Walk Through, Design Styles

Augmented World Expo Exploring Tech Which Is Turning Ordinary Experiences Into The Extraordinary With Augmented Reality Arealityevent Augmentedworldexpo Com

3D Objects Manipulation, Materials, Textures

Lights, HDRI, Dynamic Weather


Stefano Bosco, CEO
Giuseppe Tafuri, CTO
Claudio Inserra, CFO
Roberta Irullo, Graphic Designer
Francesco Vacante, CMO
Claudia Pappalardo, CLO
Fabio Buda, Web Specialist
Rosario Emmi, Finacial Specialist
Giuseppe Lorizzo, CFO
Edoardo Dotto, Technical Advisor
Delia La Rocca, Legal Advisor
Massimo Lanza, Business Angel e Commercial Advisor
Gianfranco Gianfriddo, Business Angel
Luigi Vacante, Graphic Designer
Ilenia Billone, Architect and 3D modeller
Salvatore Mezzasalma, Web Specialist
Linda Migliore, Architect
Samuele Padalino, Developer
Controlling Augmented Reality In The Operating Room A Surgeons Perspective Medgadget Httpgoo Glmnge1b


Price on Sept/2017



eyecad VR Lite


2 months subscription 



eyecad VR Advanced


(12 months subscription)



 eyecad VR Pro

€ 0,00*


Press Release

A Collection Of The Best Vrheadsets On The Market Wareable Httpgoo Gl1bjbza


eyecad VR is a Digital Atom Srl project

Via Vittorio Emanuele II n23, 96016 Lentini (Syracuse)-Italy



Raffaele Schiavullo
the authorRaffaele Schiavullo
ADMINISTRATOR - Senior 3D/Virtual Reality Specialist and Automotive HMI developer - Working in London and "insanely" passionate about technology and its creative applications


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